My Feeling With Eternity

Girls, have you tried any of the Eternity Malaysia's products? Well I would like to share my experience and feeling of using epilat Body Treatment Milk with you here.

epliat Body Treatment Milk removes unwanted hair completely, leaving silky smoother skin for a few weeks. It contains pomegranate extract which really smell good and moisture my skin.

How to use epilat Body Treatment Milk? Apply to arms, legs or under arms after process of hair removing. Or even when you feel that you have dry skin, you can use this milk to moisturise your skin too.
I 100% Love it's texture, which is light and easy to absorbed into my skin. My skin feel smooth and silky like a baby skin for the whole day. ♥

Now I can't wait to try Eternity Malaysia's other quality products, cush as Ichikami products. I believe Eternity Malaysia provides good quality products with affordable price to consumer. Love ♥Eternity Malaysia♥


Isabel said...

huh.. Does this product remove hair or it's just a body lotion or it prevents hair from growing out? and did it work for you?

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Isabel this product is a body lotion, cannot prevent hair from growing out. You going Malaya Optical this Sat? I can bring it out for you to try ^^

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