A wonderful Saturday

It was a very wonderful Saturday yesterday. I woke up earlier than usual Saturday and prepare to go to Burt's Bee workshop at Royale Bintang hotel. Ohya, before I wrote more about the workshop, I would like to thanks to my mother-in-law and nanny to take care my princess so that I could enjoy the workshop 100% without worrying.

This is a paid workshop, but it costs very little, RM30 only. The first thing we did was to refresh our mind with Yoga section. It was conducted by CandiSoo and after that we were given RM190 cash voucher for 10 free sections at her gym studio. The next programme was organised by Burt's Bee, we were taught for the benefits of natural products, and DIY mask using egg, honey and rose essential oil. We had fun in that section and it was the first time I used DIY mask. Felt OK and quite clean after putting on the egg white mask for 10 minutes. Then I applied Burt's Bee serum and moisturiser on my face with the samples there. Lastly it was a makeover demo from Bobbi Brown. I love Bobbi Brown rather than MAC because I feel that BB cosmetic provides more natural look and not so dramatic like the others. The model is very young and pretty and I enjoyed seeing her being make over, she looks really adorable.

The final section was the lucky draw. CandiSoo sponsored more cash vouchers, Bobbi Brown sponsored 5 Goodie Bags and Burt's Bee also sponsored some Goodie Bags. My aiming was the BB goodie bag because I really like it. I was praying in my heart since Josephone drew out the winners..... The first goodie bag gone, then the second, the third, the fourth.... Oh my it was the last one already. God please let me WIN!!!! And Finally I really WON it! Yay!!!! My lucky number 1824 really called out for the last BB Goodie Bag! I am very very very delightful until now hehehe. Tammy, Fatin and the others hate me sooo much for that  :P
All the participants received a RM200 goodie bag with Burt's Bee products, we all love it, really.

The workshop was ending with buffet lunch at Royale Bintang hotel. Wow everyone of us never expected for such a lovely organizing! Thanks Burts Bee, Bobbi Brown, Candi Soo, and NuYou for such a wonderful and powderful event, muacks!

When I reached home, I discovered that I have won a shampoo from DKSH too! Really a very good day for me, hehehe.

Here is a pic of my retail therapy last week and also my Paul & Joe redemption with April issue of ifeel.

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