For Beauty Lovers: Blind Date In A Box

Today marks the last day of year 2012, in less than 6 hours, we will be celebrating the arrival of year 2013! Are you excited? I am! Not only for the new year with new hopes, it’s also because I found a new babe in town, it’s call The Lilac Box.

Sneak peek at thelilacbox, I like the sleek packaging and signature purple ribbons

What’s is The Lilac Box? The Lilac Box is an online subscription-based sampling programme. The Lilac Box lets subscribers discover and experience 4 or 5 different products every month via samples, and allows them to buy the full-size product at a huge discount if they like what they tried.

Maybe you’d ask, there are so many beauty boxes in Malaysia market now, what so special about The Lilac Box? Well, The Lilac Box is the only one that delivers premium beauty and cosmetic samples in a box every month directly to subscribers. If a brand can be found in a pharmacy/ drugstore, you will never find it in The Lilac Box. Ever!

Imagine brands like Burberry Beauty, StriVectin, Roberto Cavalli, Kérastase, Chloé, Calvin Klein, Redken, Marc Jacobs, DeCléor and many more. These premium brands seldom give out sample, but now, we get to exclusively test new and interesting brands in the comfort of our homes, without the hassle of a salesperson breathing down our necks, isn’t it cool? For a beauty junkie like me, I can't wait to try Kérastase Elixir Ultime, and all the new fragrances and cosmetics from these premium brands.
For just RM 35 per box, we will receive premium beauty and cosmetic samples at our doorstep. Subscribers enjoy savings when they subscribe for 3 or 6 months.

“Anticipation” - The Lilac Box makes you happy and excited when you receive The Lilac Box every month. The experience of waiting for The Lilac Box to arrive is similar to the experience of waiting for your blind date to arrive- it’s full of anticipation!

So, my beautiful female readers, why not subscribe to The Lilac Box now? And for my male readers, do subscribe to The Lilac Box too to surprise your loved one(wife, gf, or even your mother) in Valentine’s Day 2013.
Let’s subscribe to The Lilac Box at now. I know my year 2013 gotta be awesome with the subscription of The Lilac Box, wish you the same too. ;)

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