Beauty Review: KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic

Look what came to our mailbox last month, the highly rated KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic! Thanks to the secret santa for sending the lovely packaging to our doorstep right before Christmas. 
KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic

According to KOSÉ, the Lip Gel Magic is KOSÉ most powerful lipstick coating gel up to date. With one single swipe, the maximum-strength lipstick top coat gel protects our lip colour from fading, even after drinking or eating.
Since KOSÉ is a well-known brand from Japan, we can’t wait to give this new product a try. As the product’s name itself which sounds so magical. We love its lovely petite tube packaging a lot, which made it easy to carry around in our toiletry bag.
KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic contains a unique color migration prevention ingredient, which is fluorine coating powder that creates a gel film over the surface of our lips, thoroughly coating the lipstick to precent it from migrating onto other surfaces. The super lasting ingredient latches onto the lipstick color and holds it in place to precent smudging. Not only that, it also contains moisturizing ingredients such as Squalane and Hyaluronic Acid to keep our pout kissably-soft.

With KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic, we can bid farewell to the awkward lip stain on the glass, coffee mug, handkerchief and even kiss mark on our mistress’ shirt (Hohoho just kidding!).
How to apply KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic?

1.       First, apply your lipstick as usual.
2.       After that, shake the lip gel magic with cap on. This is to ensure that the gel turns into a semi-translucent gel.
3.       Squeeze out a small amount, about the size of a grain of rice onto your finger tip.
4.       Apply KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic evenly over your lipstick. Don’t forget the corners of your mouth and the inside of your lips too.

And that’s it! Now you can go leave your mark on the World without leaving your lipstick mark behind.
Click the video to view how to use KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic

The KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic is fragrance free and colour-free; it also enhanced my lipstick shade with just one swipe, made the lip colour looks more vibrant on my lips. I skip using lip gloss as it functions like a lip gloss giving me the shiny, glossy pout.
And the best part is, a little really does go a long way as we only need a small grain-sized amount for each use. It is easy to remove with any makeup remover.
Some Tips for you to achieve that kissable non stain lips:
1)      Rubbing your lips together repeatedly or touching them with your fingers may cause creasing.
2)      For maximum transfer-proof results, use together with KOSÉ lipstick.

KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic is made in Japan, and it costs RM 55 for a 6g tube.

For more information, visit
Facebook page – Kose Malaysia

Instagram - @kosemy


Sunshine Kelly said...

Omg I like it also, its long lasting and doesn't stain.

Linda said...

Looks good. Want to try too.

cindyrina said...

Love the fact it doesn't stain. I should get my hands on this new thing.

GengQian said...

looks like magic! love the vibrant colour!

Wendy Pua said...

I like it also!
will try out with more lip colors

Rina said...

Packaging is really cute. Colour looks great on you.

Emily said...

This is such a sweet post with pink / red photos. I love how you laid out your items for photos. I am impressed with the gel after reading your post. Let me check it out soon.

5 Little Angels said...

Thanks for the tips. Will try it out.

ClaudineImelda said...

wow! i need to try this! Looks promising!

yaya cendana said...

hi rane chin. nice blog

jemput jenguk sini dan komen . tq :D

Aqalili Azizan said...

Was is like super lasting and how it feels like on your lips? any dryness or anything? The colour payoff looks promising though!

Blair Villanueva said...

Awesome lippie that works like a sealant! Ah hope this is available na here Manila :x

Candace Ng said...

Havent tried it out yet! Think I need this on my lazy days where I just dont want to touch up any lipstick hahaa

Travellover23 said...

the packaging so cute ~ i can bring for travel ^^

SHINI LOLA | Your Guide to Travel, Beauty, Lifestyle said...

So beautiful! How i wish I can give it a try. =)

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