Relaxing retreat

I had enjoy a relaxing facial + fish spa retreat last Saturday with my hubby.

We saw Herbaline promotion, first trial at RM28 at a magazine last weekend. It mentions that all facial is comes with complimentary fish spa and since hubby was looking for a fish spa last month, we gave Herbaline a trial then. We had appointments at 2pm Saturday noon and they made friendly reminder call at Friday night to remind us on the appointments. We were late because hubby was busy working and they called again at 2pm on Saturday, very politely they waited us to reach there at about 2:20pm.

The spa centre is located at a corner lot double storey house just opposite Selayang Mall. It is very well renovated and you feel relaxing once stepped in to the building. Before we went for the facial, they provided red dates tea for us and told us the details about the facial. Then we were lead to a leg washing place and toilets before the facial begin.

The facial rooms are located at upper level. While leading us to our room, the beautician led us inhale and exhale with boiling "lavender soup". They had nice prepared the robe and hair band for us in the room for us to change. Then the facial began.

They clean our faces, exfoliated with a ultrasound machine, extraction, massage and put a herbal face mask for us. Their massage including shoulder massage, back massage, and hands massage! Their massage is not perfect but since they are not professional Masseuse, I do not have any complaint for it. :P

The facial was ended with cleansing the mask and apply face gel. Then we could comb our hair with the complimentary comb they provided and had a cup of ginger tea. We had another inhale and exhale section, but this time it was boiling lemongrass.

We enjoyed fish spa section for about 10 minutes after the facial.

Overall we are quite satisfied with the services, and after all, it is so cheap! Their normal facial started from RM60 ++ to RM130++.

For people who would like to give it a try, I strongly suggest you go because they don’t ask you to sign course after that. Their facial is one time service so you don’t get sales people pushing you to sign course which could cost you up to RM3000! But I couldn’t go often because I still have my course at Cres wellness. Well, hubby said he will go there again sometime soon, maybe alone lor.

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