UNIQLO x MARNI Collection

Yukihiro Katsuta, Fast Retailing Group Senior Executive Officer and Head of R&D for UNIQLO, commented “Last season, there was an overwhelming response to the first UNIQLO and MARNI collection, and a lot of customers could be seen wearing the items around town. It felt as though the collection matched the needs of people looking for fashion that allowed them to shake off the oppressive mood of recent years. The theme of this second collection was the joy of being wrapped up. This was expressed through the UNIQLO product synonymous with winter, HEATTECH; knits, which are in especially demand amidst customer feedback; and accessories. I hope customers will enjoy the high quality and creativity of the latest UNIQLO and MARNI collection and the artistry it brings to everyday wear.”
Francesco Risso, Creative Director at MARNI, said, “Following on from 22SS, I am excited to be able to announce this winter collection. Through our creative process, we were able to faithfully maintain the pragmatism UNIQLO’s design philosophy and transpose MARNI’s aesthetic into impeccably designed LifeWear. Through this collection, I wanted to investigate the aesthetic perception of the 60’s, flirting with clichés. Patterns continue to inform everyone’s idea of Marni – as they sit at the core of our vocabulary and identify our graphic language. This time, though, we transposed those psychedelic patterns onto garments that unapologetically define the body, creating an enigmatic interplay of prints and anatomy that defines the silhouette.”
Graphic, color, and form born from synergy

The creativity of MARNI shines through in layering that interweaves graphic prints, vivid colors, and organic three-dimensional forms. UNIQLO winter staple HEATTECH products have been interpreted with 1960s psychedelic prints and color block designs. Down outerwear with voluminous cocoon silhouettes can be layered over knits in neon green, orange, and saffron yellow. Hugging HEATTECH, and shell-like down outerwear that envelops the body keep the wearer warm on winter days.
An exciting collection of mix and match goods

A variegated lineup of eclectic goods offers limitless potential for everyday styling. Vests, sweaters, and balaclavas—astaple for this winter—employing the same popcorn knit ensure warmth from head to toe. In addition to mittens and beanies in matching knit, the collection also features gloves and stoles in cashmere and mélange knit. The rich selection of items in assorted colors and patterns takes the hassle out of finding the perfect gifts for the holiday season.
Kaleidoscopic Furoshiki Scarves

The collection features 100% silk furoshiki scarves with hand-painted style patterns that are a feast for the eyes. In addition to being smooth and soft to the touch, the characteristic luster and sleekness of silk results in gorgeous draping. As an accessory, it adds a pop of color when worn around the neck or to accent a hairstyle. Wrapping with furoshiki, a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth, has been an important part of Japanese culture since time immemorial, giving rise to countless wrapping techniques. The “watermelon wrapping” technique developed for carrying round objects makes for a perfect mini bag to carry small items such as wallets and cell phones, while the “flower petal wrapping” technique, which creates a knot resembling a flower, is perfect for wrapping gifts for someone special. The uses of the furoshiki scarf are limited only by your imagination.
For more details, head to UNIQLO and MARNI Special Site at https://www.uniqlo.com/marni

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