Tottori Prefecture Showcase @ Kampachi

Calling all A5 wagyu fans! For the first time in Malaysia, Tottori Prefecture Showcase is happening exclusively at Kampachi!
Tottori wagyu is one of the BEST wagyu available. Classified as very rare meat, less than 1% of all Japanese beef cattle are raised there. In fact, Tottori wagyu is a former winner of the famed Wagyu Olympics! Organized by Wagyu Registry Organization and held every five years since 1966. In 2017, Tottori wagyu, often known by the brand name Oleic 55 (for comprising at least 55% oleic acid, a major component of olive oil, which gives the meat its sumptuous mouth melting texture), won the Best Wagyu in Japan.
Savour the best of the prefecture such as snow crabs, and sake with the exclusive omasake menus and a la carte offerings, only at Kampachi this December!
Tottori Prefecture Showcase @ Kampachi
Date: 7 - 23 Deecmber 2022

Omakase Menu: RM950 per pax | RM1200 per pax with sake pairing
Venue: Kampachi EQ & Plaza 33

A la carte Menu: RM950 per pax | RM1200 per pax with sake pairing
Venue: All Kampachi outlets

We were honoured to be invited to Kampachi EQ to try out the menu on a lovely evening.
Kampachi EQ has an inviting and cosy environment. There are comfy dining area as well as private rooms for omakase and couple omakase available for guests to enjoy the chef's live cooking while indulge in the fine Japanese cuisine.
Kampachi EQ also has a wide selection of wines and sake including IWA 5 sake that is exclusively available at Kampachi only.

Let's look into the stunning menu that 
Kampachi EQ is offering:
Buri Carpaccio
Thinly sliced yellow tail
We love the fresh thinly sliced yellow tail sashimi for its delicate texture with chef's special flavourful sauce.
Sawara Yuzukoshoyaki
Grilled spanish macheral with chili pepper marinade
Thicked sliced macheral grilled into perfection. The skin is crispy while the meat is very soft and tender inside, well done, chef!
Taraba Kani Nabe
King Crab hotpot
Taste the fresh, juicy Hokkaido king crab with hearty soup served in Japanese hotpot. The chef has precut the king crab hence removing the meat from the crab legs was generally hassle-free.
Wagyu Kushiage
Deep-fried tenderloin skewers
Crispy outside and tender inside, every bite of Wagyu Kushiage is a joy!

Aburi Tottori Wagyu
Flamed-seared sirloin sushi
Watch the chef flamed-seared the Wagyu sirloin sushi and taste the warm sushi was totally an awesome experience. Wagyu sirloin sushi melts in your mouth and you will surely wanted for more!

Shime Saba Sushi
Cured mackerel sushi
Chef has pre-marinated the mackerel hence the sushi taste great even on it's own. It's even better when the chef coated it with Japanese white seaweed.

Truffle Ishiyaki Meshi
Hot stone fried rice with truffle
The hot stone fried rice with freshly grated truffle is really flavourful. It's an elusive delicacy one must not missed.

Nashi wagashi
Japanese pear & handmade wagashi
Every piece of the wagashi is an art piece! They are carefully curated by the wagashi artist at Kampachi. It was indeed the perfect ending to the culinary experience.
Can't wait to try it out yourselves? Make your reservation for the best dining experience at Kampachi now!

Kampachi Plaza33 Tel: +603-79316938
Kampachi Pavilion KL Tel: +603-21489608
Kampachi EQ Tel: +603-27897722

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