Tasneem Naturel's 5th Anniversary & The Launch of Limited Edition Newborn Gift Box

On the beautiful Saturday 20th November 2021, Tasneem Naturel has celebrated their 5th Anniversary at Flora Terrace at Hampshire Place, KL. It was my honoured to have joined the celebration with the CEO, COO, staffs, and ambassador. The event was streamed online through Facebook too where there were many prizes to be won.
L to R: Puan Haridah Sahri, the COO of Tasneem Naturel; Ainan Tasneem, the ambasssador of Tasneem Naturel and me.

To commemorate the special event, 
Tasneem Naturel has launched a special campaign, called 'kempen Tasneem Prihatin' as an initiative to lighten the burden of the parents. Knowing that many people are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, Tasneem Naturel wanted to give bac to the community by the launch of 'kempen Tasneem Prihatin', where a special gift box containing newborn baby's necessary to be giving away to first 500 first-time mothers. They just need to register themselves at https://www.tasneemnaturel.com/5thyearanniversarylaunching/ to be eligible for this special gift set.
Puan Haridah Sahri, the COO of Tasneem Naturel shared that: "Besides the cost of giving birth in the hospital, parents also have to prepare a lot of other baby care like clothes, equipment and many more. We hope that with the giving of our Newborn Gift Box Tasneem Prihatin, we can help the parents to lighten the burden."
"As a baby care provider, Tasneem Naturel salute every mother for their sacrificing and taking the risk to give born to a baby. Therefore, we should also support the parents to give the best to their kids whenever possible." Continued Puan Haridah Sahri.
During the event, we also witnessed the announcement of Ainan Tasneem as the ambasssador of Tasneem Naturel. According to Ainan, she felt very honoured to become the ambassador of Tasneem Naturel. As a mother of 3 children, she has been using Tasneem Naturel for her kids all the time. She felt very happy to be a part of kempen Tasneem Prihatin.
In conjunction with the Fifth Anniversary, Tasneem Naturel has also launched their Limited Edition Special Newborn Balm Set which is a set of 2 baby balm: CF-Rub and T-Rub. CF-Rub is useful for reduce phlegm, asthma, and reduce the temperature of babies during fever while T-Rub is great to reduce stomach pain, gastric, diarrheas, and constipation. These 2 very useful baby balms are packed in a very cute and pretty box so you can give it as a gifts. The set also comes with a free face towel that is so soft and exclusive.
Don't wait, register yourselves at https://www.tasneemnaturel.com/tasneem-prihatin/ now and be part of kempen Tasneem Prihatin. The registration closed on 31 Dec 2021.
For more information, visit website  www.tasneemnaturel.com and follow Facebook Tasneem Naturel HQ and Instagram @tasneemnaturelhq

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