Sunday retreat @ Asterspring KLCC

I had a retreat at Asterspring KLCC yesterday.

This is my first time trying Asterspring but I have heard people saying it's good. I reached KLCC at 10am and Asterspring was so quiet at that time!

My treatment was first started with their famous ORP Energy Chamber. I sat in the chamber for 20 mins with 44 degree. In front of the chamber, there is a small LCD TV showing some National Geography under water world. The Chamber treatment made me hot and sweat a lot. I was asked to drink a few cups of plain water to replace the water that I lost after the section.

After the chamber, I was lead to a massage room follow by a back massage. The massageur, Miss Aida has massage skill and her pressure is just nice. Miss Aida is quite friendly and we chat in the whole massage session.

I enjoyed my facial treatment followed by body treatment in a facial room. The Skin refining facial was done by a Malay lady(forgot to ask her name) and she is very polite and careful. I like the extraction part the most, it was done by a more professional Chinese beautician, her skill is so good that I have no pain nor redness after the extraction. She cleaned my face thoroughly before I enjoyed the face massage and mask.

While I sign up the treatment, I was given a RM20 cash voucher to purchase Averine cosmetic. I redeemd it with a natural define eyeliner in black that cost RM48. The eyeliner texture is soft and nice, It can be blend easily to create smoky eyes.
Now, the price? The Chamber with massage costs RM188 whereas Skin refining facial costs RM198. There is a good deal which is RM1980 for a year and become Asterspring beauty member. You could enjoy unlimited Chamber(without massage) and a complete facial every month throughout the year. Meaning it's just RM165 per facial with free unlimited Chamber. Sounds very worth  ;)

I might consider signing up the package after I finished my Cres Wellness programme. But I still have12 facials at Cres which I am not sure when can I finish them.

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