Herbalife SKIN Gives Me Beautiful, Healthier and Younger-Looking Skin in Just 7 Days

Nutrition Company Herbalife has expanded its product range with the launch of new skin care product line, the Herbalife SKIN in Malaysia back in June 2014. The new products are an addition to Herbalife's outer nutrition range of products that balance ingredients, botanicals, and extracts with proven science to achieve maximum daily results of beautiful, healthier, and younger-looking skin.
Herbalife SKIN products are made using a combination of Vitamin B3, antioxidant Vitamins C and E, and Aloe Vera to get softer, smoother, more radiant skin. It also helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. They are created to replenish and rejuvenate the skin with fast and effective results. Herbalife SKIN has been clinically proven to produce visible results in just 7 days.*
Herbalife SKIN has 2 different ranges targeted for DRY skin and OILY skin. It is unisex and suitable for all skin types, with the exception of two cleansers, the Soothing Aloe Cleanser for normal to dry skin, and Polishing Citrus Cleanser for normal to oily skin. Herbalife SKIN comprises of Soothing Aloe Cleanser, Polishing Citrus Cleanser, Energizing Herbal Toner, Line Minimizing Serum, Firming Eye Gel, Hydrating Eye Cream, Daily Glow Moisturizer, Replenishing Night Cream, Instant Reveal Berry Scrub and Purifying Mint Clay Mask. The entire products are Paraben-free, Sulfate-free and Dermatologist tested.

I’m lucky to get the oily skin set to cater my oily combination skin concerns for review purposes. The set contains 10 new products to polish, hydrate, replenish and improve appearance of skin.

1)      Polishing Citrus Cleanser  150ml RM93.89 
Deep Cleansing microbeads refresh skin for a healthy glow. Vibrantly-scented cleanser with hints of juicy orange and grapfruit. Perfect for Normal to Oily Skin 
Clinically tested to show a reduction in the skin's sebum after just one use.* 
I like it’s light gel formula with energizing microbeads, leaves skin feeling amazingly refreshed and clean.

2. Instant Reveal Berry Scrub  120ml RM73.46 
Antioxidant-rich facial scrub helps reveal healthier-looking skin by removing dead skin cells. Berry Seeds help to scrub and polish the skin, which helps achieve soft, smooth skin.
Reveals healthy-looking skin. The fresh and fruity fragrance enlivens the senses when using it.

3. Purifying Mint Clay Mask 120ml RM79.61 
This rich, creamy clay mask has the absorbent and toning effects of bentonite clay to remove dirt and absorb excess oil.
It is clinically tested to improve the appearance of pores after just one use.*
It has a hint of spearmint and rosemary uplift your senses while leaving your skin softer and smoother. I like this clay mask a lot as it gives me smooth and clean face in 10 minutes.

4. Energizing Herbal Toner 50ml RM71.21 
Aloe Vera infused, alcohol-free facial toner with mandarin citrus scent provides hydration to skin and refreshes tired-looking skin.
Use every morning and evening to help prepare your skin to better receive serum and moisturizer.
Gently Conditions Skin, skin feel fresh and clean without dryness or stinging. I love this toner a lot as it is easy to use, and the citrus scent is really pleasant.

5. Line Minimizing Serum 30ml RM211.33
Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 
Clinically tested to show remarkable improvement in skin softness, smoothness, radiance, glow and luminosity in just seven days.* 
I like this rich serum that nourish my skin, I normally use it at night.

6. Firming Eye Gel 15ml RM147.71 
Increases skin elasticity and helps improve appearance of firmness around the eye area. 
Helps improve the apperance of firmness to the eye area.* 
Contains revitalizing cucumber extract, but somehow I dislike its weird scent which smell like a cockroach to me. Maybe it’s just me I am not sure.
Apply on the eye area and add some massage to relief your eye tiredness.

7. Hydrating Eye Cream 15ml RM147.71 
This smooth hydrating cream minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, an area which has a lower amount of both sweat and oil glands, making it highly susceptible to dehydration.
This hydrating eye cream is easy to apply and absorb into my eyes area.
8. Daily Glow Moisturizer 30ml RM159.22
All -purpose hydrating lotion will illuminating properties to give your face a healthy glow. Skin looks radiant, even without makeup.
Clinically tested to show that skin looks more glowing and feels softer and smoother in just seven days.* 
This product is ideal for any occasion where you want your skin to look fresh and feel silky soft or when you just want some light-weight moisture.

9. Replenishing Night Cream 30ml RM159.22
Wake up to soft and silky skin. This rich, luxurious cream helps deliver much needed moisture to the skin at night. Long-term hydration allows you to awaken with softer, smoother skin.
The Herbalife SKIN offers three skin care programs – Basic, Advanced or Ultimate which combine products from the range to address specific skin care concerns and deliver tailored results to consumers.
Basic Program RM483.54
Basic program includes Soothing Aloe Cleanser or Polishing Citrus Cleanser, Energizing Herbal Toner, Daily Glow Moisturizer and Replenishing Night Cream.

Advanced Program RM990.29
This program includes Basic program with the addition of Line Minimizing Serum, Firming Eye Gel and Hydrating Eye Cream.

Ultimate Program RM1143.69
The ultimate program includes the Advanced Program with the addition of Purifying Mint Clay Mask and Instant Reveal Berry Scrub.

For more information, visit Herbalife's website at www.herbalife.com
You could also visit their retail store at

Plaza See Hoy Chan, Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur

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