Foodpanda Saved Me from Starvation

Hihi, sorry for not updating this blog for a few days. I’m feeling gloomy due to the cold & rainy weather and some sad news these days. Well, I believe we all will go through time like this and we just gonna face it and move on, that’s life, right.
Now, even though I am feeling depress, I still need to eat coz I’m a human being. I am hesitate to go out from my house hence many thanks to foodpanda, that has saved me from starving because it delivers to my doorstep. (You might wondering why don’t you cook since you are in the house? Well, the problem is I don’t know how to cook :P)
foodpanda is a global online food delivery marketplace which is operating in more than 40 countries across four continents. The service allows users to select from local restaurants and place orders via the website or mobile application. There are more than 35,000 restaurants worldwide available in foodpanda.
How it works? (In details)
1)      Go to and select your country.
2)      For people resides in Malaysia, you will be linked to
3)      Enter your city.
4)      Locate your area in the next text box.
5)      Click ‘Find restaurants >’ button for a list of available restaurants for your area.

6)      Select the restaurant by pressing  ‘ Go to menu’.
7)      Select your order by clicking the ‘+’ button.
8)      Click ‘Proceed to check out’ when your order is finalised.
9)      Select the Expedition Type and Delivery Time before clicking ‘Checkout’ button.
10)   Place order by registering an account / logon to your account.
11)   Select the delivery address and payment method.

That’s it! foodpanda processes and sends orders directly to partner restaurants, who then deliver to customers. They also have a mobile apps which could be downloaded from App Store or Play Store.

I wasn’t sure what to order hence I read the reviews, they help when making orders. I chose the highly rated Puzzini Swedish Pizzas but the restaurant was closed at 3PM. Luckily it accepts pre-order hence I  placed my pre-order and selected cash on delivery.
I received an SMS from foodpanda to confirm my orders and estimated delivery time once the restaurant is opened at 5pm. Guess what, my doorbell rings exactly at the estimated delivery time at 6.30pm. Volla, 4 oven hot pizzas are there for me and my family to eat! No more starvation yeah.

Now, If you don’t feel like going out, or don’t know what to cook, you know what to do. Common, gives foodpanda a try today.


Sherry said...

sad news.. flood and AA. yeah just prefer to stay at home. is good have foodpanda deliver to door step.

Unknown said...

this article, it was really informative yammy and testy your receipe, I’ll be looking forward for your next Kathi roll online order

Saumya Singh said...

Nice post.. Really I like this but I want to order online through Foodpanda. So please provpde me Foodpanda Customer Care Number for online order.

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