Review: Premier Clinic Vanquish Slimming Program

Ever since I gave birth to my two princesses, I have gained weight a lot. No matter how hard I exercise nor how little that I eat, my waist line and my thigh just don’t slim down.
On my first visit to Premier Clinic TTDI, Doctor Kee Yong Seng adviced me to try Vanquish Slimming Program, which is designed for those who are keen to lose inches without downtime.
Without any hesitation, I gave Vanquish Slimming Program a try. Vanquish is a fat loss and not a weight loss procedure. Your weight will not reduce from this procedure.

The procedure began with weight and body measurement. Then I was asked to lie down on the bed for the beautician to adjust the applicator as nearest as possible to my tummy area. Once the applicator is fixed, the beautician will start the Vanquish machine. I felt heat on the area, plus a bit of tingling sensation.
The heat will burn the fat in the 45 minutes treatment. The treatment area seemed red for a while, and I lose more than 3cm after each treatment. I was happy with the result because I was then able to wear my favorite bikini in my beach holiday.
Doctor Kee advised that one may need 8 or more sessions for best results. It is advisable to combining with weight loss medicine, dieting and exercise gives even better results.

Instructions after Vanquish fat removal
Drink more water.
Redness and a sensation of heat may be present for less than an hour.
In rare occasions, a ping-pong sized or smaller lump may be felt in the treated area. This is due to the fat apoptosis (fat cells being naturally eliminated by our body). This is normal and not a cause of concern and will go away in a few weeks. Let your doctor know during your next visit.
You may exercise or carry out your normal activities even on the day of treatment.
Best results would be seen 3 months after the last session. It takes time to see results because the natural removal of fat cells by the body takes time.
Premier Clinic Vanquish Slimming Program contains 4 sessions of Vanquish Radiofrequency (front & back) plus 4 sessions of Mesolipo Treatment. The Original Price was RM 27,600; they are having a Promotion price of only RM 15,000. The Vanquish Slimming Program is suitable for both men and women. The best part is there is no downtime at all.
Premier Clinic is available at TTDI and Bangsar.

TTDI Address: 31 Jalan Wan Kadir 2, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 WP Kuala Lumpur.
TTDI Branch Phone No.: +603 – 7732 5552
Fax No: +603-7732 8201
The spacious and quiet waiting room in Premier Clinic TTDI
Premier Clinic provides free flow coffee/tea for the customers

For more information about Premier Clinic and their treatments, visit and like their Facebook page at

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Flavia said...

This an advert not a review. Vanquish does not work at all!

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