My First Jewellery Making Workshop by Elegant Jewellery Studio (EJS)

Like someone said before: ‘Jewellery takes people’s minds off your wrinkles.’ It is important for us ladies to wear that piece of Jewellery to complements their styles While there are many ready-made Jewellery available on the market, most of them are too common. I still find that one masterpiece is missing at most of the time.
Thanks to Elegant Jewellery Studio & Sidney’s invitation, I had the honor to attend my first Jewellery making workshop to customize my own Jewellery at Kinokuniya bookstore KLCC last Sunday. It was a sunny Sunday, the traffic was smooth all the way to down town. It's indeed a great day for some art work like this.
Elegant Jewellery Studio setup a table at one of the corner in Kinokuniya bookstore KLCC for the Jewellery Making Workshop.
The workshop was conducted by the experienced and talented Founder and Master Creator, Ms Angie Ng of EJS Elegant Jewellery Studio. The Elegant Jewellery Studio (EJS) is a Jewellery Making Academy established back in early 2013. Angie is very passionate about jewellery making and designing. She has travelled all over the world to learn from top notch designers, she has sourced for materials from the most common of pearls to Mexican opals and black diamonds - the most expensive of its kind, and she is highly regarded by many as one of the experts in the industry.
Ms Angie Ng,  Founder and Master Creator of EJS Elegant Jewellery Studio
Her private label, Crafted by Angie has been supplying to corporate as well as individual clients, ranging from diamond engagement rings to customised jewelleries for the past 15 years. Angie is also the Creative Director of Kelvin Gems (, which is a jewellery brand that has been around for almost four decades. 

It is Angie’s dream to share about her passion and knowledge in jewellery making with like-minded people. She is now living her dream through the academy, conducting workshops and classes for special interest groups. It is her belief that every student should be proud wearing their own creation, right from the very first class. She prides herself by giving her students greater flexibility and inspiring them to craft their own unique designs.
Before the workshop began, Angie showed us the latest Christmas pewter charms by Elegant Jewellery Studio. It’s the time to get these special Christmas pewter charms for the Christmas holiday season.
Professional Jewellery MakingTools and equipment such as Bead Design Board, Flat nose pliers, round nose pliers and cutting pliers.were provided for us.
First of all, Angie taught us how to measure our bracelet before cutting and fixing the toggle  and clasp. I had managed to do this following her instructions.
Once we had the correct bracelet length, we could then start designing our charm bracelet. I chose the Snow flakes charm and a few pearls and beads for my bracelet.
In order to hook the charms with the bracelet, we need to make hook rings for the charms. Angie taught us the professional way to do it.
You could watch the video below for her demo.
I managed to made a charm bracelet and a pair of earrings in the 2 hours hands-on workshop. I love my creation very much, and I am getting a lot of praise from my friends too.
Do you love my creations too?
A group picture is a must!

Elegant Jewellery Studio (EJS) offers various levels of jewellery making and designing courses, from beginners to professionals, for amateurs and hobbyists, children and adults. Classes are conducted on Tuesdays and Saturdays, from 11am to 4pm at Kelvin Gems which is located in Wisma Amoda, Kuala Lumpur.
Elegant Jewellery Studio (EJS) has also team up with Kinokuniya bookstore KLCC in coming months for Children Jewellery Making Workshops and more. All you need to do is sign up, turn up and enjoy yourself!
For more info about Elegant Jewellery Studio (EJS) and its courses,


Henry Lee said...

The look so lovely! Like that Rane must be expert now... can open ur own business liaw! :P

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

hahaha would you buy all the jewellery for Choulyin from me then? ;)

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