Bye Bye Wrinkles with Mary Kay® TimeWise Plus+® Volu-Fill™ Wrinkle Corrector

Cast away wrinkles with Mary Kay® TimeWise Plus+® Volu-Fill™ Wrinkle Corrector. The newest addition to the TimeWise Plus+® skin care regimen, this targeted cream for wrinkles fills them instantly while delivering significant, visible, long-term benefits. In an eight-week clinical study, the majority of women showed a decrease in the visible length, width and depth of wrinkles after use.
Volu-Fill™ Wrinkle Corrector is formulated to visibly impact all six wrinkle zones – your forehead, between the brows, around your eyes and lips, plus smile lines and marionette lines that can frame your mouth from nose to chin. In fact, thanks to the power of retinol and the exclusive Volu-Fill™ Complex, it not only delivers benefits you’ll see right away but also benefits you’ll see over time.
It delivers immediate and long-term benefits.

Visibly impacts all six wrinkle zones:
o Forehead creases
o Between-the-brow creases
o Crow’s-feet
o Smile lines
o Vertical lip lines
o Marionette lines

A majority of women showed a decrease in the visible length, width and depth of wrinkles after use.

Immediately fills and visibly plumps wrinkles.

Targets deep wrinkles with retinol, minimizing appearance over time.
The result of extensive studies conducted at the Mary Kay Research Center, the innovative Volu-Fill™ Complex is a volumizing blend of ingredients that gives wrinkles the extra attention they need. 

It includes:
Hyaluronic acid microspheres to help fill in and visibly plump wrinkles to create a more uniform, even surface.
Flexible elastomers to help fill in and blur the appearance of wrinkles and provide a foundation that supports the hyaluronic acid microspheres.
Naturally derived amino acids (ornithine) and myrrh tree resin extract (commiphora mukul resin extract) to help give wrinkles the appearance of more volume.
The TimeWise Plus+® Regimen

The TimeWise Plus+® regimen was formulated to target the multiple signs of advanced skin aging like loss of firmness and volume, sagging skin and wrinkles. It was designed to deliver dramatic, visible benefits to the entire face and neck area. Volu-Fill™ Wrinkle Corrector, on the other hand, was formulated to focus on one specific sign of aging – wrinkles.
And the packaging and recommended application also reflects its targeted focus, since the precision applicator puts the product where it’s needed most, within wrinkles to deliver immediate and long-term benefits.

The formula was also designed to disappear into skin without leaving a trace, making it perfect for all skin tones. 

How to use?
Using the applicator, apply the cream directly to wrinkles and gently pat in place with fingertips. Wait a few moments before applying moisturizer.

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