Jurlique Hand Cream - Born of a Love for Nature

We always treat our skin with good skincare, what about our hands? It’s actually equally important to take good care of our hands because they easily show aging sign without proper care. 
Jurlique has re-launched their signature hand cream range in improved packaging. We were honoured to be invited to Jurlique Bloggers event at Destino Caffe, Empire Damansara where we got to learn more about their hand cream range as well as plant our very own terrarium.
I love Jurlique’s quote: Life doesn’t get better by chance. It gets better by change.
At Jurlique, they embrace change - which is why they’re so excited to be relaunching the entire hand cream range. Their Rose Hand Cream has been a customer favourite since its creation in 1993.
Now, the relaunch of their hand creams will make them more sustainable than ever before, while keeping the same nourishing formula.
Jurlique’s new and recyclable plastic packaging:

• Reduces their environmental impact by around 28%
• Eliminates around 70% of wastage during production
Each year, their new and recyclable hand cream packaging will save:

• 1,351,000L of water
• 27,300kg of solid waste
• 40,500kg of carbon emissions
Designed to nurture the hands of those who nurture our Earth.

Nature is the heart and soul of Jurlique, so it’s no surprise that the inspiration their our hand creams came from the garden and their co-founder, Ulrike Klein. 

In the same way Mother Nature nurtures the plants, soil and life force around us, Ulrike has always believed in the power of nature to nurture us.
This principle is the very essence of the Jurlique farm, where they use holistic biodynamic† farming methods to care for the Earth as it cares for us.

After long hours of working the soil at the Jurlique farm, Ulrike found that her hands were often very dry, and in need of extra care.

So she decided to develop a hand cream that would not only give her hands the deep hydration they needed, but also celebrate her deep love of nature.
The result was their now-iconic Rose Hand Cream, which is rich in Rose extracts and the exclusive biodynamic† blend of potent farm ingredients. Its unique rose fragrance enlivens your senses as it reconnects you to nature. And its deeply hydrating formula leaves skin as soft and supple as the rose petals that inspired it.

Hands at the very heart of Jurlique

The hands are at the centre of their biodynamic† farming and harvesting practices – from planting and nourishing their herbs and flowers, to hand-picking them at harvest and laying them on their drying racks.
But it doesn’t stop there. Personal touch comes into play at all Jurlique stores with their indulgent hand massages and spa experiences.

And of course, the hands are an essential part of the Jurlique skin care ritual, which relies on cleansing, preparing and nurturing the skin with massage and daily touch.
That is why Jurlique Rose Hand Cream has become so loved. Crafted with their hand-tended plants, nourishing oils and signature rose scent, it is both an everyday luxury and a beautiful gift.
Over time, Lavender, Jasmine and Citrus versions of this luxurious hand cream were added to Jurlique hand cream range, each with its own unique and emotionally soothing scent.  
Rose is the most favorable among many customers. My mum loves this the most and it does moisturize her dry hands a lot.
As a sporty person, I personally love the Citrus scent the most. I like its energizing scent and non-sticky yet nourishing formula.
There’s also Lavender which has a very soothing scent and my sister loves it a lot.
Jasmine is also available which is perfect for people who are into Jasmine scent, just like my hubby because he loves the natural and mild flowery scent.
Most importantly, Jurlique Hand Cream nourishes our hands in long hours thanks to the unique formula, which is Enriched with Jurlique’s exclusive biodynamic† blend. 
Every one of Jurlique Hand Creams contains a rich blend of potent herbs, all of which are grown and extracted at their Jurlique farm in the Adelaide Hills.

• Calendula: Soothes and rebalances sensitive skin
• Chamomile: Hydrates and calms dry skin and restore radiance
• Daisy: Refreshes skin and rebalances oiliness
• Pansy: Soothes the skin
• Echinacea: Rebalances oiliness and soothes skin
• Sweet Violet: Rebalances delicate skin
• Marshmallow: Intensively hydrates and softens dry skin
• Rose: Softens balances and restores the skin.
The result: Beautifully soft, smooth and delicately scented hands. It’s time to change and start pampering our hands with Jurlique hand cream range to achieve smooth and soft hands.
Thank you Jurlique Malaysia for having us!

Jurlique hand cream range comes in two sizes: 40ml retails at RM103 & 125ml priced at RM202.

For more information on Jurlique, visit;

Jurlique Website – http://www.jurlique.com/
Jurlique Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/jurlique.my/


Sakuranko said...

Oh very interesting post darling

Shiv B said...

Good to know about the Jurlique hand cream dear - its fantastic to know about their formulation/. Plus love the incorporation of their story too. Cheers to the share!

Rawlins GLAM said...

I thought the price was gonna be the bomb. Amazingly the price is affordable for such great items.

Fatin Bella said...

Ive been looking lotion for hands. I think this will suits me and the price is affordable!

Sunshine Kelly said...

I love their lavender hand cream its so relaxing.

Unknown said...

Must take extra care for my hands now. Wedding ceremony is held on May. :)

Syafiera Yamin said...

Wow so expensive for a hand cream . Haha but the ingredients looks so High quality seriously. Sometimes I didn't manage my time to use hand cream all the times. 😦

Miera Nadhirah said...

I've seen Jurlique before and I think it is a great brand.. great toknow thay have new hand creams out... will probably get myself one as my hand is getting to rough.... hahaha

Selina Wing said...

Jurlique brand - interesting. I will try it when I have chance to buy it! :D

5 Little Angels said...

Looks like a great hand cream. I want to get 1 too so that my skin won't be that dry.

nurmisnan said...

hoho.. i love hand cream. must have one small tube
in my bags. Love d roses. Smell so relaxing and calm
must try jurlique hand cream soon.. thanks dear

Emily said...

My hands feel a tad too dry lately, especially upon waking up in the morning. After reading your post, I would like to try Jurlique.

Arisa Chow said...

Love the scent of their products as it isnt too overpowering! Hope to one day be able to own one of it.

Ayue Idris said...

wah! seems like a very good product. i really need good hand cream now since the weather is hot and dry now.

Unknown said...

Jurlique is my favorite brand. I really love the scent so much. Eventho I prefer their old packaging but the new one looks lovely too. :D

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