IPC Shopping Centre Forgoes Lavish Decorations to Raise RM100,000 for 100 Families

This festive season, IPC Shopping Centre is taking their entire Christmas festive decorations down a notch to channel their focus into doing so much more for 100 families in need through a crowdfunding campaign. IPC is calling members of the public to join them in achieving a target of RM100,000 worth of groceries, school supplies and toys collectively to brighten the lives of these Malaysians.
To further stamp their year-end commitment, IPC Shopping Centre has taken the first step by contributing a total of RM50,000 to achieve half of the campaign’s target.

The shopping centre has adopted ‘Christmas in a Box’ as their festive theme this year, which translates to giving a slice of the festivities to those in need, all within one box. To realise this effort, IPC Shopping Centre has put together four types of ‘gift boxes’ which will be given to 100 underprivileged local families. To identify these families, IPC has worked hand-in-hand with HOPE Worldwide Malaysia, a globally accredited non-religious NGO that has been helping disadvantaged local communities for the past 21 years. The four gift boxes include:

Happiness Box – IKEA Toys and Arts & Craft Supplies (RM25)
Home Box – Groceries (RM48)
Back-to-School Box – School Supplies (RM120)
Care Box – Groceries + School Supplies (RM168) 
“IPC Shopping Centre is all about bringing happiness, both to our own co-workers, staff and also externally to our surrounding communities. Every day, we see people of different backgrounds and purpose walk in our centre and all we want to do is ensure that they feel a sense of fulfilment or contentment each time they pay us a visit. The goal of this campaign is to further extend IPC’s commitment of bringing that feeling to people and families beyond our walls”, said Karyn Lim, Centre Manager IPC Shopping Centre.
Lim added “The year-end is always a special time for us, and this year we want to make it even more special by calling on all our friends, partners and communities to join us in making this season of giving an unforgettable one for the 100 Malaysian families in need”.

IKEA Damansara, was the first commercial partner to collaborate with the campaign by developing the ‘Happiness Box’. Synonymous with festivities, the ‘Happiness Box’ was designed centred around kids and what they would normally receive during the morning of Christmas. This gift box is completed with most of the things kids love, like IKEA soft toys as well as arts & crafts supplies.

IPC Shopping Centre also identified several other partners for this campaign. Partners include Absolute Thai with a cash donation of RM5,000 towards the campaign, Spotlight who are contributing household items and Popular who are contributing stationeries. HOPE Worldwide Malaysia has also been identified as the NGO partner who will be leading the logistic arrangements and Bonsey Jaden, to communicate the message out to the public.

“HOPE worldwide Malaysia is honoured and grateful to be selected by IPC Shopping Centre as the beneficial NGO for their ‘Christmas in a Box’ Campaign. Through the tagline of the Campaign ‘Dimming down the Lights to Brighten Lives’, IPC Shopping Centre inspires us to be more selfless and empathetic by putting ourselves in the shoes of the less fortunate, it brings a deeper meaning to this festive celebration,” shared Darick Wong, Country Director of HOPE Worldwide Malaysia.

IPC Shopping Centre’s “Christmas in a Box” campaign will be running from 30th November until the 27th of December 2017. To contribute, simply head down to HOPE Worldwide Malaysia’s booth in the concourse, located on Level G, of IPC Shopping Centre. 

For further information visit www.ipc.com.my

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