[Review] Tasneem Naturel Baby Balm

I am a mother of 2 lovely girls. As a beauty junkie from the heart, I always choose the best for my girls especially on their skincare. I emphasize on the ingredients on the products, they should be natural, and mild to their young skin.
Recently, I have discovered Tasneem Naturel Baby Balm. Tasneem Naturel is a proud local brand, using only the high quality natural ingredients on their products. Tasneem Naturel Baby Balm comes in 4 types for different purposes;

1. CF Rub
Designed for ease baby's fever, cough and flu, CF Rub contains eucalyptus oil, cypress, tea tree and lemon to help breathing, reduce cough and body temperature from the baby. It is easy to use, just rub the CF Rub onto baby's hand, leg, chest and back when necessary.
2. Calm Time
As the name prescribe, Calm Time helps to soothe and calm the baby. Contains lavender, bergamot, frankinsense and marjoram, Calm Time has a soothing scent that ease the baby all the time. Dad and mum, you can apply Calm Time at your baby's foot, pulse, back of ear or the back of body.

3. Sleep Time
Made from Cedarwood, Vetiver, roman chamomile and ylang-ylang, Sleep Time will ease baby into a regular bed time routine, it works to help children calm down, feel relaxed and soothed.

4. Tummy Time
Tummy Time contains fennel, ginger, lemongrass and anise. It gently ease the children's tummy and reduce wind. Hence, children feel more relieve and better.
All the Tasneem Naturel Baby Balm has cute and lovely packaging. They come in a glass jar in a paper box. I have been using Tasneem Naturel Baby Balm on my girls for the past 2 weeks. We like that Tasneem Naturel Baby Balm is non greasy and quickly absorbed, it is safe for mum and baby. They works well just like how they claimed.
Tasneem Naturel Baby Balm is suitable for children of all ages to use and will become a regular addition to your daily routine. Each Tasneem Naturel Baby Balm comes in 18 gram a jar, and is retail at RM 49 each.

For more information, visit Tasneem Naturel Baby Balm Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/tasneemnaturelhq/.


Cik Ash said...

produk yang bagus harus ada dekat rumah lagipulak seisi keluarga boleh guna

Cik Rose said...

Packaging comel! Memang menarik perhatian si kecil kan. Rose suka sapu sleep time.. best.

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