The First Hoshino Coffee @ Mid Valley Megamall, Malaysia

If you are a frequent traveller in Asia countries like Singapore, South Korea, and China, you would be familiar with Hoshino Coffee, a premium cafe originated from Japan. Founded in 2011 in Japan, Hoshino Coffee is the culmination of the unique food menu created by Nippon Restaurant system who owns more than 30 dining brands and the distinctive quality coffee brought by Doutor Coffee, who runs the largest coffee chain in Japan and has more than 50 years history of coffee roasting.
Now, I have a great news for us who resides in Malaysia, Hoshino Coffee is finally landed in our land at Mid Valley Megamall. This is truly a good news for Malaysian coffee fans as Hoshino Coffee offers a wide array of dishes that make up their mouth-watering menu. From coffee, matcha and dessert, they are all equally delicious.
We were honored to be invited to the private tasting session at Hoshino Coffee a few days ago. Hoshino Coffee Mid Valley Megamall is located at the former Tim Ho Wan Restaurant. We love the cozy and home-like environment in the 2 storey cafe. It is so beautiful that is decorated with enchanting chandelier, classic sofas and wooden tables.
They even have a kids room to keep the kids busy, as a parent I am falling in love with this kid friendly cafe already. Hoshino Coffee is indeed a great place to go with family, friends and loved ones.
The barista has demo to us on the preparation of their premium hand-dripped coffee. Focus on quality, the hand-dripped coffee is prepared in detail for each cup of coffee. Hoshino Coffee uses specialty-grade Arabica beans which are carefully selected by Coffee Maestro, Masahiro Kanno, which will then be freshly roasted at the outlet for it to retain its flavour and aroma. 

To further enhance the taste, hot coffee is served in a preheated cup, while iced coffee is served in a copper mug to present the beverage in its best form. We like the copper mug as it is so beautiful and instagrammable.
Hoshino premium hand-dripped iced coffee

Recommended by Hoshino Coffee, first timer could try out their signature Hoshino Blend Coffee and Japanese Milkcoffee – both offering you a taste of Japan’s premium brewed beverage that will fulfil your daily dose of caffeine and fill your senses with the enriching aroma of freshly brewed coffee. You can also order the flavour syrup and condensed milk to go along with your coffee. There are 4 types of flavour syrup for you to choose, each is unique and taste differently.
Hot Japanese Milkcoffee

Matcha Latte

Coffee is best match with desserts. Hence, you can find a lot of Hoshino Coffee's iconic desserts that will surely satisfy the sweet tooth. 
From the thick, yet fluffy Pancake Souffle, the light and airy Pot-baked Souffle, Matcha Souffle and the fluffy French Toast. These scrumptious treats paired with Hoshino’s premium quality coffee will complete your enjoyable dining experience in a cozy Japanese Café setting.
Pancake Souffle

They also serve main courses like spagetthi and rice. We strongly recommended the "Hoshino" Spaghetti with Eggplant, Chicken Bacon, Shimeji & Chicken Sausage and Seafood Paella.
"Hoshino" Spaghetti

Seafood Paella

With the good services, delicious food, desserts and beverages, I can see why there's already a queue at Hoshino Coffee Mid Valley Megamall.
Hoshino Coffee Mid Valley Megamall Address:

No. 27-G, Ground Floor, The Boulevard

Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel number: +603-2391 9020

For more information on Hoshino Coffee, please log on their webpage.


dboystudio said...

very nice and exclusive must try..

Betty's Journey said...

Another nice place for hangout and coffee. The food look so tempting.

Bro Framestone said...

Rindu nak makan hidangan jepun... oh dekat mid valley je... dekat je la

Bonde Zaidalifah said...

Makanan nampak sedap sekali, Bolehlah pergi nanti... sy suka makanan korea

Jessying said...

Great to have another coffee place in MV. Decor looks nice and will check out next time!

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