Electric Run® Malaysia 2016 presented by Shell FuelSave

7th May 2016 was a memorable day for a lot of us. It was an evening with heavy rain and storm, but it did not stop us from joining the Electric Run® Malaysia 2016 presented by Shell FuelSave with over 15.000 runners at Selangor Turf Club, Kuala Lumpur. Though the road and car park was really congested that evening, we still managed to reach in time to join the flag off thanks to Shell FuelSave that provides more energy and fuel efficient along the way.
The Neon shades and hues emanated even brighter than before at the Electric Run® Malaysia 2016 presented by Shell FuelSave. Organized by The Livescape Group and supported by Malaysia Major Events, the Electric Run® Malaysia made waves last year when it achieved the title for the “Largest Participation in a Neon Run” in the Malaysia Book of Records.
This year, the fun run saw an even larger participation with over 15,000 runners completing the 5km track, which culminated with a celebration graced by International superstars, Nico & Vinz, alongside a host of talented local musicians including SonaOne, Twinkies, H3, and ABeatC.
“We are thrilled to make history once again with the Electric Run® Malaysia 2016 presented by Shell FuelSave. It is exciting to see even more Malaysians coming together this year to participate in this electrifying spectacle, which enables them to pursue their passions in fitness, music and food, so that they can take home once-in-a-lifetime memories with their loved ones,” said Au Tong Sing, National Sales Manager of Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn. Bhd. 
The run, which was flagged off by Au Tong Sing; Ben Mahmud, Head of Retail Marketing of Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn. Bhd; and Iqbal Ameer, Group CEO of The Livescape Group saw the crowd cheering with excitement, as a fireworks show kicked-off the start of the run.

“The Electric Run® Malaysia 2016 presented by Shell FuelSave is an ideal platform for us to create new experiences for Gen Y drivers and promote the importance of being fuel efficient with Shell FuelSave, helping drivers fuel their busy day by enabling them to be more fuel efficient,” said Au.

“We want our customers to know that with Shell FuelSave, our company’s superior fuel efficiency product that is specially developed with Active Efficiency Ingredients, they can improve engine efficiency from the very first tank so that they do more of the things they enjoy and pursue their passions,” he added. 
In line with Shell’s commitment to encourage Malaysians to be more efficient on the road and in life, Shell FuelSave also unveiled the world’s first Shell FuelSave Do More LED Maze at the Electric Run® Malaysia 2016. How lucky are us coz this special maze features seven distinctive neon zones is designed to help capture the passions and experiences that runners can enjoy and do more of when they are more efficient. 
Just like what I’ve shared in my live social media post on that day, participants who took selfies at each zone were rewarded with a special goodie bag containing gifts from Lazada, Bfab, Celebrity Fitness, Soleus, Karrimor, Touch ‘n Go and Wall’s – inspiring runners to do more in life and on the road with Shell FuelSave.
In line with its commitment to build warmer communities across Malaysia, Shell Malaysia also built a section in the maze that encouraged consumers to make a choice for Shell to donate to one of three items – school uniforms, school bags or school shoes – for children in need. Maze runners simply needed to drop a glowstick into a collection box of their choice and the highest amount of glowstick pledges becomes the cause that Shell will support. 
“For over 125 years, Shell has been fueling Malaysia’s progress as a partner to the nation. This is why this year, as a fuel that is designed to enable drivers to do more, Shell FuelSave is encouraging runners to do more at the Electric Run by pledging to a cause that they feel strongly about in the Shell FuelSave Do More LED Maze. Together with Malaysia, we aim to make a difference, building warmer communities where we operate, one station at a time,” said Au. 

Prior to the flag-off, runners had chance to grab some bites at the Market Place, which boasted an array of food and beverages from vendors such as deli2go, Nathan’s Famous Sausages, and 7-Eleven Slurpees just to name a few. Participants could also take part in carnival-like activities such as face-painting with neon-coloured paint.

After the flag-off, runners began their illuminated journey through the nine Courselands available at the Electric Run® Malaysia 2016 presented by Shell FuelSave. 
The first Courseland runners encountered was the Water Station decorated with a sea of neon colours.

They then encountered the Neffmau5 Land where they were taken to an ethereal wonderland of neon trees and sky lanterns. Participants then “weathered the storm” at the Rainforest with glowing umbrellas hanging overhead and soothing sounds of the forest in the background. 
At Rainbow Road, participants were greeted with technicolour arches of light, before they were transported to an aquatic paradise decorated with brightly-lit, giant marine life at Under The Sea. Candy Lane was also a treat for runners with a sweet tooth, as it brought to life a wonderland of sweets with the delightful fragrance of cotton candy, vanilla, popcorn, and cinnamon.
This year, the Electric Run® Malaysia 2016 presented by Shell FuelSave also featured two new Courselands. One Courseland featured a special design by Limkokwing University of Creative Technology as the “Official University Partner”, while the other is a mystery land conceptualized by the university’s students – a “Malaysia Truly Asia”- themed Courseland highlighting Malaysia in all its neon glory. 
The “Malaysia Truly Asia”-themed Courseland, Gateway was conceptualised, designed, and built by the university students. Gateway is a 200m long Courseland, which allowed runners to run, walk, and dance through different doorways capturing the many cultures found in Malaysia. This “Malaysia Truly Asia”-themed Courseland highlights Malaysia as a unique multi-cultural Asian nation by incorporating Electric Run®’s neon elements to portray the country in its brightest light. We were amazed with these 2 new Courseland and of course we took a lot of selfies there too!
Upon finishing the final Courseland, The Powerhouse, runners then explored the Shell FuelSave Do More LED Maze before finally making their way to the finish line celebrations where they partied with one of Malaysia’s top beatbox artistes, ABeatC, followed by popular female DJ duo, Twinkies and local hip-hop superstar, SonaOne. Runners broke out into a thunderous cheer when Norwegian act, Nico & Vinz took the stage, before the night closed with H3 once again. 
There was also a spectacular firework to ends the beautiful night with. Overall, we have truly enjoyed the Electric Run® Malaysia 2016 presented by Shell FuelSave. Everyone looked enjoyable, happy and cheerful throughout the Run. Thank you for having us in this special Run under the Neon lights, Music, and with all the fun-filled activities. We also wanted to thanks the cheerleaders along the run to cheer us up. We are already looking forward to the third Electric Run® Malaysia.

For more information on Electric Run® Malaysia 2016 presented by Shell FuelSave, log on to https://www.facebook.com/electricrunmalaysia or follow them on Twitter at @electricrunmy and Instragram at @electricrunmy.

To learn more about driving efficiently with Shell FuelSave, please visit www.shell.com.my


Fadzi Razak said...

I dont know how you guys can do this. I cant even walk while shopping in the mall

Miera Nadhirah said...

So lucky to be a part of this.. I wanted so badly to join in but last minute also couldn't since I already made other plans for that day

Sherry Go Sharing said...

wow nice fun night run but this year I choose stay home. not feel well thts why

FiSh said...

Despite of the rain, I made it to this run too! Definitely a nice experience there

Isaac Tan said...

i was there too! a bit muddy, but overall super awesome.. my first race ever.

Sunshine Kelly said...

It was a fun and electrifying run. Hope to join again next year.

Fatin Bella said...

Look like youre having fun there. Too bad I cannot join. Fever :(

Bella Enveeus said...

So many of my friends joined this Electric Run. I couldn't join though since already tied with another event at another state. HUhu.. Looked like fun!

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