Immersive Shopping Experience at Markets by Jaya One #markets18

I love shopping at Bazaar, and my favourite Markets by Jaya One, the celebrated shopping experience hosted by Jaya One has wrapped up its two-day bazaar catered to fashion devotees, food aficionados and lifestyle enthusiasts which place on 14 and 15 May from 11am to 7pm on the Ground Floor, The School.
This 18th installment boasted a whopping 120 vendors, being the biggest Markets to date. It has definitely come a long way since its humble beginnings, congratulations! My family had enjoyed the food, entertainment, and shopping at Markets 18 a lot. 
We love the kids’ friendly air-conditioner indoor shopping environment as well as the outdoor food trucks that gave us different dining experience. It’s truly an Immersive Shopping Experience at Markets by Jaya One.
The main sponsor of Markets 18 - imSold, a buying and selling app hosted a variety of games, one of which participants had an opportunity to sell items provided by imSold to random strangers through the app. Participants walked away with cash vouchers as well as the money made from the sale. Not too bad of a day to be a contestant! Aside from that, there was also a treasure hunt where one lucky contestant walked away with cash vouchers worth RM160 to shop at Markets.
An ice cream eating contest sponsored by Jersey Jack Gelato had participants fighting through a brain freeze by being the quickest to finish two scoops of ice cream! On top of that, participants who successfully reenacted certain movie scenes were given free tickets to Potted Potter by Milestone Productions.
Apart from shopping and food, music was certainly an element not to be missed at Markets 18. Up-and-coming musicians such as Hameer Zawawi, a singer-songwriter, Djezna's Stalker as well as Nan Blues amazed the crowd with their music performances. Day 2 featured the likes of Three Octaves, a three piece acoustic rock band, and the day closed with Ray Cheong, a singer-Songwriter cum guitarist who has performed in countless venues all over the states in Malaysia and continents of Southeast Asia, United Kingdom and Europe.
Last but not least, we have enjoyed our shopping there. From food to skin care, and fashion to party balloons, we have fun shopping at Markets by Jaya One. Let’s check out my hauls from Markets 18 below ok.
Little Dandelion Event 
We’ve got our very own customised helium balloon at Little Dandelion Event. The big bouquet of helium balloon is so pretty, and the kids just love it! Little Dandelion Event provide services like party decoration, wedding decoration, corporate event and many more. Contact them at +6-010 2333 662 or email them at for more information.

Check out their Facebook page at
Rosey Dovey 
One of the best taste cold-pressed juice we have tried ever. My girls finished a bottle in just a few seconds! They are located in Klang and could be contactable at +6-012 705 5371 or email at

101 shop Malaysia
101 shop Malaysia offers variety of facial masks and food that are imported from Taiwan. We bought some facial masks, Laoma noodles and dried fruit from it. For more information, visit their Facebook page at

Laksa Chef
Laksa Chef offers delicious Penang laksa and homemade herbal tea at affordable price. We couldn’t resists to have the smell nice and taste great laksa on the spot. For more information, visit

Alison Food Company
Alison Food Company offers pretty, tasty and reasonable priced yogurt jars. They do Free deliver to your doorstep from 6 May to 30 June 2016 so just call Alicia at +6-012 737 2085 for more details.
You can also email them at
Facebook page: @Alison food | Instagram: @alisonfoodkl
Popcorn New York
Enjoy healthilicious popcorn by Popcorn New York, they are whole gain, gluten free, 30% less oil and no added preservatives. Choose from caramel, spicy BBQ, cheese, or sea salt pepper flavours. For more information, visit their Facebook page at @popcornnewyorkmy

Anmyna Beauty Store
We were attracted by the beautiful bottles at Anmyna Beauty Store. From shampoo to skin care, I am feeling excited to try them out. For more information, do call Terry at 012-342 2899 or follow their facebook @Beauty.T or Instagram @Beauty.t.168.
Korean fashion headband
Expect precious and colourful hair accessories from Korean fashion headband. Their accessories are beautiful and affordable too! Follow them on facebook @KoreanFashionHeadbands or Instagram @Koreanheadbands for more information.
Trendy Bellaz
Another fashion shop selling trendy tops and bottoms. Visit their website at for more information.
TresClasse Collection

We love their trendy dresses and skirts. Look at the little black dress that I got from them! For more information, visit their facebook @TresClasse Collection or Instagram @ TresClasse_Collection

Peep boutique
Peep boutique is an established fashion boutique selling various clothing items and accessories. For more details, go to or visit their facebook or Instagram @PEEPBOUTIQUE
Enjoy RM 10 cash voucher when shopping online using the code “TAKE10”.
Artiz Soap
One of the most beautiful handmade soaps and spa products we have ever seen! My girls and I are so into the pretty soaps and hence of course we brought them home. They also wholesale soap making raw material, custom made gift/hamper so find out more at their store located at Bukit Rimau, Shah Alam.
For more details, visit their website at or facebook @artizsoapshop or email them at
JC Gift House
We love their stainless steel locket and chain with charms which is reasonable priced. They look good on ourselves as well as a great gift ideas to our loved ones.
Knots n’ Suds
Knots n’ Suds is selling bath products & handmade handkerchief/gloves. I was surprised to see the 5 Stones game set being selling there, which has brought back my childhood memory.
For more information, visit
Jeanie botanicals 
Jeanie botanicals offers Homemade botanical skincare products which is good for the skin as well as the environment. They also have bath and body products as well as mom and baby products. For more information, visit

Terra Living
The expert in Terrariums, Terra Living is selling closed system Terrariums as well as opened system terrariums. We have got a little cute Ecotube plant for our office. Sharing with you also some Terrariums care guide:
Place the Terrariums in in-door light or indirect sunlight, and in room or air-conditioned temperature.
For closed system Terrariums – Spray filtered water every 2 to 3 weeks.
For opened system Terrariums – Spray filtered water Daily.
Check out their Facebook page at
If you missed out on Markets 18, fret not! Mark your calendars and you still can make your way down to Jaya One for the upcoming Markets installments as below:
  • Markets 19th installment: 13 and 14 August 2016
  • Markets 20th installment: 15 and 16 October 2016
  • Markets 21st installment: 10 and 11 December 2016
For any latest information, please visit the Facebook page at


Emily said...

What an amazing array of knick knacks for sale. Just my kind of shopping. I hope to be able to catch it one of these days.

miera said...

Gosh I had a wonderful time myself at the markets... Will bring my kids the next time around

Isabel said...

Ice cream eating contest?! THat sounds like a whole lot of fun LOL I would love to see that

Selina Wing said...

Sometimes my Deaf friends and I went to bazaar in Jaya One on every weekend because their price are reasonable! The people sell their handsome at bazaar used to know the disability people always come there. They are friendly! Make the special disability people feel comfortable and love it so much! :)

Ivy Kam said...

Wow, 120 vendors!! Must go check it out already :)

Shiv B said...

The bazaar is always such fun and the vendors this time around is quite a variety. Will definitely needing to check it out the next time it comes around sometime soon :)

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