Hair Review: Brazilian Keratin Treatment at Daisuke Salon

My hair is dry and frizzy due to frequent dye, I always longing for smoother and straighter hair, and I have done almost all sort of hair treatments but the results is short term, most of them only last for a few wash. Thankfully I found a long term solution recently, which is the Brazilian Keratin Treatment. I didn’t know why it took me so long to try this out, but I would like to thank Daisuke Salon for sponsoring me this wonderful treatment that is perfectly suit my hair concerns.

Hate my frizzy and dry hair!

Brazillian Keratin Treatment or BKT in short, is originated from the USA. The products used in Daisuke salon are also direct import from the State and does not contain harsh chemical ingredients. The whole treatment process was quite relaxing partially due to Daisuke Salon’s bright and spacious environment, plus relaxing music that they played.
The impurities from my scalp was washed off with CO2

To kick-start the treatment, the stylist washed my hair using CO2. I enjoy the CO2 hair wash a lot, and the best part is it washed away any impurities. Then my hair cuticles were opened up and ready to the Keratin treatment.
My stylists blow dry my hair until about 75% dry, and then they brushed the Keratin lotion into my hair gradually, part-by-part. After that, they used the ultrasonic iron to penetrate the Keratin Lotion into my hair. Don’t be alarm with the red light of the ultrasonic iron, it is not hot at all.

Once it’s done, I waited 20 minutes for the Keratin solution to be absorbed into my hair. 
Then they blow dry my hair again, and this was the only discomfort part throughout the whole treatment. There were smell and smoke from the Brow dry session, which we had to bear with it. It wasn’t too bad because the stylist gave me a face mask to cover my nose and mouth, plus they put on fans to blow away the smoke during the process.
First time wore mask while doing hair treatment, a bit strange to me lol
That’s it! It took 2 hours plus to complete the treatment. The Keratin treatment remained in my hair, and I was advised not to wash hair for 2 days. During those 2 days, my hair was hard and straight.
Tada - my sleek and straight hair! Just like the result of rebonding!
I washed my hair on the third day after the treatment with sodium-chloride free shampoo and applied the special keratin conditioner that they gave me. I love my straight and sleek hair after that. Not only this, it seems to have reconstructed my damaged hair too. The treatment’s result has last more than a month now. I heard that the result could last for 2 months or more depending on our hair condition and home care.
Brazilian Keratin Treatment used to be very expensive, which was more than RM 700 but now Daisuke san has found a way to reduce his cost and hence he has reduced the price for the treatment to around RM 300 to RM 450 only. I strongly suggest you give the miracle Brazilian Keratin Treatment a try at Daisuke Salon, I believe you’ll love the result like me too.
1 month later - my hair is still straight and less frizzy compare with previously (You can refer to the first picture in this blog post)
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