L’Oréal Men Expert White Activ Volcano Range

Men nowadays are very lucky because a lot of brands have introduced Homme skincare. A lot of my guys’ friends are dealing with both acne and dull skin. Now with only two steps you could eliminate these problems.
L’Oréal Men Expert’s White Activ Volcano range is ideal for busy men who want to maintain their lifestyle but still get results for their uneven, acne-prone skin. Forget the usual cleanse-tone-moisturise routine: Break the rules with the first volcanic range by L’Oréal Men Expert for skin that is brighter and acne-free in just two steps – cleanse and moisturise!

STEP 1: Cleanse with L’Oréal Men Expert White Activ Volcano Red Foam (RM18.90)

Tough on acne, gentle on skin – this unique deep-cleansing acne solution is a total skin renewer that is packed with Volcano Red Foam Purging Power to rid pores of impurities from deep within. Its outstanding red hue – as a result of its volcanic mineral ingredient – is symbolic of  its powerful efficacy, where with the very first application, it removes 97% of oil from skin’s surface.

What makes this cleanser tough on acne? Its formula that is powered by active ingredients such as Salicylic Acid, Kaolin, Peppermint Extract and the star ingredient, Volcanic Mineral Extract.
Salicylic Acid provides skin with anti-bacterial and anti-impurities benefits.
With its absorbent properties and astringent effect, Kaolin in White Activ Volcano Red Foam brightens skin and tightens pores for a smooth feel.
Peppermint Extract provides skin with a cooling sensation that is soothing and calming.
Volcanic Mineral Extract absorbs oil effectively, delivering anti-acne benefits to skin.

With daily use, White Activ Volcano Red Foam deeply purifies pores, dries out pimples and helps prevent future breakouts. It removes excess oil and sweat, and deeply purges pores of impurities. As a result, skin is healthy looking, clearer and brighter.

STEP 2: Moisturise with L’Oréal Paris Men Expert White Activ Volcano Serum Moisturiser (RM31.90)
Want to go straight to giving skin what it needs to fight both acne and darkening all day long? This unique do-it-all moisturiser is the solution! Fuelled by the power of Volcanic Mineral Extract and Bright-LHA Complex, the moisturiser helps to brighten the complexion and reduce the appearance of pimples as it mattifies to give skin a shine-free appearance.
White Activ Volcano Serum Moisturiser also contains two powerful anti-acne actives (Salicylic Acid and ER 195). Everything comes together in White Activ Volcano Serum Moisturiser for anti-acne and anti-darkening benefits in a single step!
Break the rules and skip the toning after cleansing. Apply White Activ Volcano Serum Moisturiser straight after cleansing. The moisturiser is easily absorbed by skin so there is no greasy or oily after-feel.

Defeat acne and darkening of skin with the power of Volcano. Do it in two simple steps with the first-ever L’Oréal Paris Men Expert White Activ Volcano range. Specially developed for Asian men who want to break the rules of skincare but still get the results they seek.

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