How Do I Look? Asia Season One Arrives on Diva

When I saw the preview of ‘How Do I Look Asia’ on Asia TV last 2 weeks ago, I was truly excited. I’m sure many of you are familiar with ‘How Do I Look’ makeover show, and now we have our own Asia version!
As a Clozette Ambassador, I had a chance to join ‘How Do I Look Asia’ roadshow at Publika last Sunday. 
Not only that, I also had the opportunity to meet Jeannie Mai and  Sazzy Falak at the media launch and of course I took the opportunity to take a picture with them and the emcee of the event, Patricia K.
As spoken by Jeannie Mai during the launch: ‘Style is not looking what’s trending outside now. It’s about your own personality, feeling, what music you listen to. Fabric, colors that made you happy etc’.
With the pretty and stylish Sazzy Falak
Me and the gorgeous and talented Patricia K

Billed as “Asia’s ultimate fashion fix,” How Do I Look? Asia will make its debut on Monday, 31 August at 8PM on DIVA (Astro Channel 702, DIVA HD 723), NBCUniversal International Networks’ leading entertainment channel for women in Asia. It’s time to go head over heels for DIVA’s How Do I Look? Asia – the highly anticipated Asian re-imagination of the hit fashion makeover series.
The NBCUniversal International format, produced by NBCUniversal’s Matchbox Asia, follows Malaysian celebrity and style icon Sazzy Falak as she guides eight fashion victims to the path of fashion enlightenment. Jeannie Mai, host of the original U.S. version, and a familiar face to Asian viewers, features in each episode, setting up the fashion challenges each week.
The fashion-challenged victims include onesie-addict/ blogger Apple (Philippines); indie rock guitarist Ariana (Malaysia); mismatch, mishap/ watercolor artist Choc (Taiwan); sales executive, and literally “plain” Jane (Philippines/Australia); overachieving, yet outdated, Lavinya (Malaysia); rebel teacher Lianni (Philippines); romantically-insecure Maisarah (Singapore); and the uninspiringly-dressed motivational speaker Yessinta (Indonesia).
To achieve a professional look that can be replicated for the everyday, Sazzy will be joined by a guest stylist in each episode: Liz Uy (Filipina celebrity stylist); Zac Wu (Taiwanese celebrity stylist); Andrea Wong (former editor of Elle Malaysia); and Anindita Saryuf (fashion director of Elle Indonesia).
In each episode, Sazzy and an accomplice – a concerned family member, friend or colleague – will help transform the lucky fashion victim into a beacon of style.   After having their wardrobe raided, the individual will have their current fashion choices face the “Eww Tube”, one of the iconic features of the original format. The “Eww Tube” is a vacuum cleaner-like machine that literally sucks offending outfits up and away after they have been eliminated by the panel of fashion experts and accomplices.
The transformations featured on the series transcend fashion and style. Viewers will also get to witness the complex and emotional backstories of the victims, whose glamorous new looks, and freshly developed sense of style, act as a catalyst for them to adopt a more positive and confident outlook on life.
How Do I Look? Asia is a testament to DIVA’s position as the leading women’s entertainment channel in Asia. We are confident that this ground-breaking local production, like its original franchise, will strongly resonate with our core female audiences across the region,” said Christine Fellowes, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, NBCUniversal International Networks. “Using the insights from various in-depth research initiatives on Asian women that NBCUniversal has conducted and developed over the recent years, How Do I Look? Asia features many of the elements that we found women loved: fabulous and fun makeovers, the hottest fashion trends tailored to Asian sensibilities, inspiring and heart-warming personal stories, and a positive underlying message that encourages every woman to be her best self.” 
Jeannie and Sazzy will be making live appearances as they tour Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam later this month on the following dates:
-          Singapore: 20-22 August 2015
-          Kuala Lumpur: 23-25 August 2015
-          Ho Chi Minh City: 26-27 August 2015

How Do I Look? Asia Season One is presented by regional sponsor Zalora.

Tito Costa, Managing Director of ZALORA Group, said, “We​’re excited to be ​working with How Do I Look? Asia’s very first season of fashion makeover series and we’re proud to contribute to the life-changing makeovers featured throughout the show. ZALORA supports Asia's diverse forms of beauty and seeks to empower women through fashion by giving them the confidence to own whatever moment they find themselves in and to encourage them to be the best version of themselves. The show’s goal is aligned with ZALORA’s commitment to provide a carefully-curated range of fashion options as the right tools to create confidence-boosting looks. This is perfectly echoed in the weekly fashion transformations featured ​throughout the show.”
In Malaysia, the series is also presented by Marigold Yogurt Drink and Panasonic Beauty.
Clozette is the Official Fashion Social Network of the series, which is filmed at an NBCUniversal International studio set built in Solaire Resort & Casino, Manila.

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How Do I Look? Asia premieres on 31 August, Mondays at 8PM on DIVA (Astro Channel 702, DIVA HD 723). I’m really looking forward to watch the premieres on our Merdeka Day.

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Unknown said...

Having just watched the first episode of How Do I Look Asia, I'm shocked at the multiple shameless promotions of its sponsors within the show. As though not enough that viewers are continuously bombarded with the same ads over and over again, they felt the need to have its brands (namely Zalora, Panasonic) infiltrated into the show itself, with the celebrity hair and makeup artist teaching audiences how to use Panasonic hair products and an unnecessary appearance by a Zalora rep regarding shopping on their website. It's far cry from the original show format which was to entertaining and helpful- focusing on the person experiencing the makeover, it instead regurgitated promotional products and left myself and others viewing with a bitter taste, immediately wanting to forget this distasteful marketing ploy. At the end of the show you feel happy that the makeover is a positive experience for the participant, unfortunately not so much the TV viewers. Perhaps stick to ads in between the show and not try to shove the same sponsored products down our (the viewers') throats and perhaps it'll make a fan out of us in future.

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