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Having a full time job as Business Analyst, I sit in the office for whole day, 5 days week. Quite often I will feel tired and sleepy hence I survive the long day with snacks. I used to buy snacks at grocery shop nearby not until I found out Signature Snack last month. My friend has introduced me the Signature Snack after he’s tried it out. Since I was running out of snack, I gave it a try.

From Signature Snack’s website, they assured their customers on the Quality, freshness and great taste of their snacks. They use 100% natural ingredients with no preservatives because they are good for us and the environment. 
Plus, nuts and seeds can satisfy our hunger between meals, and improves our diet; while dried fruits, nuts and seeds are also rich in antioxidant, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Sounds pretty good to me, and hence I proceeded to place my order.
The process was simple and straight forward;
1.       Select Subscription Package
Choose from several packages that they offer to cater for your monthly snack needs. There are over 50 wholesome snacks to choose from, and they introduce 3 to 5 new snacks each month.

2.       Select You Snack
Choose 5 of your preferred snacks. Or you could choose the ‘Surprise Me’ if you can’t make decision on which snack you want.

3.       Wait for the delivery to your doorstep
Snacks is delivered to your door every month. What’s more, its FREE Delivery!
Email will be sent to notify your subscription status
I received this big box from the delivery man one week after my order. Can you guess what my selections for the first Signature Snacks box are? Tada, I have chosen the snacks below;
1)      Seventh Heaven Trail Mix – This is one of the best snacks I’ve ever tasted! The combination is just too great, Bravo Signature Snack team! My whole family loves this a lot and we finished it in less than an hour.
2)      Go Take A Hike Trail Mix – This snack is a bit dry compared with Seventh Heaven Trail Mix. I think I would stick to Seventh Heaven Trail Mix for now.
3)      Salted Vanilla Cashew Crumble - Full of fresh cashew nuts taste, the crumble is crisp and filling,. This is a must have for cashew nuts lovers.
4)      Almond Pecan Honey Granola – A healthy snack for the whole family. I even had it for breakfast and it energized me in the early morning.
5)      Cashew Cranberry Mix - I love cranberries hence I chosen this Cashew Cranberry Mix.
I like that the snacks are pack in resealable bag, which made life so much easier! One box of Signature Snacks contains 5 packs. I find the price is reasonable with free delivery. 
Normal subscription is RM59.90 per box. But hey since they are so great and I would like my lovely readers to try this out too, you could use my promo code ‘waiyee’ to get RM 20 off for your first box. That means you get 5 packs of fresh yummy snacks for just RM 39.90 only.
Buy now at
Alternatively you could subscribe to their quarterly package of 3 months supply for just RM 170.70. Less RM 20 you just need to pay RM 150.70 for 15 packs of snacks! It’s so much cheaper than buying over the counter. Most importantly they only used best quality ingredients!

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