Magnolia Sherbet Cool Moments Photo Contest

So you broke your favorite stiletto, chipped your newly done nails, the cab refused to send you to the exact destination, and the worst? - your date didn’t turn up after spending almost half your life waiting for nothing.

Now, before you lose your cool, take a deep breath. Close your eyes and focus on your exhalation. Yoga is known for increasing feelings of well-being and strengthening positive mental attitude, which allows you to face the overwhelming anxiety, frustrations and challenges of everyday life.

Daily practice of meditation is essential; even a few minutes of meditation during your work day can make a difference.

Feeling a lot better? Go ahead and splurge on a great meal, or try something new! But wait, before you savor your food, take an artistic shot of it and share with your peeps. Taking photos is another whimsical way of relaxing, - at the same time it can be exhilarating and fun.

Why not create your own moments? With one camera in hand, and a Magnolia Sherbet on the other, capture the coolest moments on camera. Not only that, indulging in frozen dessert, the Magnolia Sherbet could also give you a sense of composure and calmness. What a combo!

Now, F&N Creameries (M) Sdn. Bhd. is giving you the chance to have fun, to let go and most importantly, to be in the moment, by participating in the contest – Coolest Moments Photo Contest! Not only you get to de-stress, but to share your creativity and cool moments with your peeps.

All you need to do is, snap your cool moments according to the themes. There are four (4) rounds of themes; Cool Pets (15/8/13 to 28/8/13), Cool Places (29/8 to 11/9), Cool Food (12/9 to 25/9) and Cool Friends (26/9 to 9/10).

For instance, place a Magnolia Sherbet on top of your pet turtle’s shell; get its striking pose, and BAM, picture perfect. Or bring along your girl friends to the beach whilst enjoying this irresistible Sherbet on a sunny day. Show off your proudest moment of home cooked meal, or go for a great vacation.

After you’ve chosen your photo, upload it on, and the winners get to win cool prizes such as Nikon camera, Sony headphones, Ice Watch and Nokia handphone. Contest starts from 15 of August 2013, and ends on 9 October 2013.

F&N Magnolia Sherbet is retailed at RM2.50 (WM) and RM2.80 (EM) for a 85ml single serve RM9.50 (WM) and RM14.00 (EM) for a variety pack of four 85ml cups. It is available at leading hypermarkets, supermarkets, minimarkets, selected petrol marts and grocery outlets nearest to you. Read my review on F&N Magnolia Sherbet Passion Fruit if you haven't.

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