O’right Showcases The Latest Green Hair Care Trends

We want to be involved in helping to protect and improve the nation's land, water, and air. One way we could help is to Go Green.

Greenxagon Marketing Sdn. Bhd invited Mr. Steven Ko (CEO of Hair O’right International Corp.) to unveil the Summer series of O’right green hair care in Malaysia. These new products contain more organic ingredients and are even more moisturizing and beneficial for the hair and scalp. They are also in line with O’right’s brand principle of providing only the most natural and greenest products for customers as well as the environment.
“I am delighted to attend this launch today in Malaysia. As an earthling, every of our decision and action affects the environment. Hence we cannot ignore the fact that we are vulnerable to the threat of global warming and its unimaginable butterfly effect”, said Mr. Ko.

“I have always maintained an optimistic and positive attitude for the future, thinking of ways to improve and change in our everyday lives. I believe that doing our small part for the environment can help shape the future in a great way. Looking ahead, green hair care will continue to dominate the hair care industry as consumers get more involved with environmental protection. Together with O’right, let us ‘Change the world, one step at a time!’

A small step and action that we take can help to influence and change others. It’s O’RIGHT!”

World’s Greenest Shampoo

Produced by the award-winning Taiwanese brand, the range of O’right shampoos does not contain environmental hormones, phthalates, Parabens, formaldehyde, sulfates, DEA or artificial colourants. Instead, more organic ingredients such as ECOCERT organic foaming agents, ECOCERT & USDA certified organic plant extracts and ECOCERT approved natural preservatives are added. O’right is not just gentle on the hair and scalp, but also friendly to the environment.
I learned how to test if a shampoo contains Parabens or not in the launch. Pour 50ml of shampoo and 50ml of water into a container, mixed them well, and add 3g of salt, mixed them again.
Brand X
O'right brand

The shampoo will turn thicker if it contains Parabens whereas for those without, the texture would remain the same. Interesting, isn’t it? You could try it out at your home to see if your shampoo is Parabens free or not. 
L: O'right Shampoo still the same texture
R: Brand X Shampoo has turn thicker

Green Hair Care Leads the Way with Sustainable Bamboo Design

Natural and pure green hair care brand O’right spearheads in green fashion with its latest bamboo series. The range of products now uses a sleek modern handcrafted bamboo cap from the Jhushan Township in Taiwan.
Over the past 30 years, the Jhushan’s residents have been creating delicate bamboo products with their perseverance and enthusiasm. However although the bamboo forests are still flourishing, the demand for bamboo has dropped greatly. O’right hopes to revive this dying craft through its chic sustainable Taiwanese Bamboo des ign. These unique bamboo caps are made through a rigorous ten-step process that hand selects and finishes with only the finest wood.

Features of the Taiwanese Bamboo

The bamboo plant is a noble plant, both gracious and hardworking. It produces the most oxygen of all plants and consumes 35% more carbon dioxide than any other stand of trees. Besides, it is also the world’s fastest-growing plant, growing up to 100cm overnight. Hence using bamboo is both sustainable and eco- friendly as mature bamboos produce new shoots and canes each year, which can be harvested individually without destroying the plant.

Summers are meant for the great outdoors and beach getaways, hence it is essential to keep our hair healthy and glossy with O’right must-haves!
For more information about O’right products in Malaysia, please call 03-42870679 or follow their Facebook page at http://www. facebook.com/Orightsingaporemalaysia

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