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Have you heard of Lactobacillus before? It is a type of probiotic that does wonder to our immune system. Do you know it’s actually also good for the skin? As it helps to boost our skin immunity to achieve a stonger, healthy skin from within.

Good news to us, the World’s first Lactobacillus skincare is now in Malaysia: OMM cosmetics has opens its flagship store in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur in Apr 2018. According to the brand, they will open their second and third branch in Malaysia at Sky Avenue and Johor respectively.
OMM cosmetics is a luxury Korean skincare brand that is headquartered in Seoul, Korea. To date, OMM cosmetics has boutiques in the China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand. The 1,000-square foot OMM cosmetics at Lower Ground of Pavilion KL is huge and bright, everything is so neat and well display in the boutique.

OMM products aimed at enhancing the beauty of every woman and man. OMM believes in true individualized beauty hinged on a fresh, natural and healthy approach. The name OMM pays homage to their momentous discovery in skin immunity; with the letter O to denote the original founder of Lactobacillus skincare, O Ren Yi; and the letters MM as a phonetic representation of the word Mama which means ‘Mother’.
We have given the OMM Cosmetics' products below a trial recently. Scroll down to see what our verdicts is.

OMM Fresh Ferment Moisture First Essence (50ml | RM 199)

The Must-Have Fresh Ferment Moisture First Essence is OMM Cosmetics' best seller item. This star product from Fresh Ferment Skin Care range, is the first in the world to promote a powerful combination of Lactobacillus and Gangwon Deep Seawaters.
It amplifies the effectiveness of other skincare products by making your skin more receptive. Teeming with bioactive Lactobacillus (Fresh Ferment), it blankets your skin with good bacteria to temper skin sensitivity and bolster its immunity. The nano-sized ferment particles foster the absorption of nutrients directly into your skin leaving it soft, moist and vibrant.
It is easy to use, apply Fresh Ferment Moisture First Essence right after cleansing, apply and massage evenly. Follow on with toner and the rest of your skincare products.

Our skin feels recharged and freshen up after application of Fresh Ferment Moisture First Essence.

OMM SPF50+/PA++++ UV Shield Moisture Sun Mist (105ml | RM 149)

Safeguard your skin from daily sun exposure with this ultra-fine atomized SPF spray that is enough to provide stand-alone protection, yet feather-light in feeling. Easy to use and non-sticky, this sunscreen mist is the ideal way to replenish your sun protection on the go, keeping your skin healthy and young 365 days a year.
OMM SPF50+/PA++++ UV Shield Moisture Sun Mist is fun to use. Just shake the bottle and spray mist unto your palm. Rub onto exposed skin, ensuring you haven’t missed any spots. Do take note to use spray in open air to prevent excess inhalation of mist.

The best part is that OMM SPF50+/PA++++ UV Shield Moisture Sun Mist is suitable to use on face and body. All we need is just one bottle for the protection of our skin from harmful UV rays.

OMM Crystal White Superlative Cleansing Foam (150ml | RM 109)

A smooth cream cleanser that lathers into a subtle layer of fine foam during wash. Notably soothing on your skin, it cleans without overdrying, leaving skin soft & bright and free from all impurities.
Just like any other cleansing foam, you need to dispense cleanser on palm. With little water, gently massage onto face to cleanse. Rinse thoroughly with water. OMM Crystal White Superlative Cleansing Foam is especially suitable for uneven tone, dull, pigmented skin.
We like the fine foam of this cleansing foam that effectively cleanses our face.

OMM Fresh Carrot Juice Mask (155ml | RM 105)

Now, this is something interesting. The rose-fiber sheets drenched in the juice of Fermented Fresh Carrots help spur your skin’s metabolism, reduce pigmentation and signs of aging. The sheet clings onto your skin with a tight seal, keeping the juice from evaporating and ensuring all the critical ingredients are properly absorbed by your skin. Your daily spa-class moisture treatment for healthy, radiant skin.
To use, pour adequate amount of juice serum into the sheet bag. Squeeze bag to make sure the sheet is fully soaked in serum. After cleansing and toning, remove sheet from bag and place mask evenly on face. Discard mask after 10-15 minutes and gently tap skin to absorb leftover serum.
The mask sheet is very comfortable and adhere to our skin perfectly. We like that OMM Fresh Carrot Juice Mask brighten our skin instantly. We also like the fresh juice concept that is so fun to use. One box of OMM Fresh Carrot Juice Mask 7 pcs sheets in individual sheet bag and 155ml of the juice mask hence it would last you for at least 7 times a box.
Overall, we like OMM Cosmetics as it provides the innovative skincare range for different needs for both women and men. The products have a subtle scent which we really like. Oh ya, OMM Cosmetics also has a range of cosmetics of pretty shades. Visit OMM Cosmetics Malaysia at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur to check it out yourselves.
For more information on OMM Cosmetics Malaysia, go to their Facebook Page | Instagram | Official website.

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