Feel Alive On-the-Go with Zespri®

Always on the go and missing meals? Having trouble eating right? Not getting the balanced diet you want? Want to kick-start a healthier lifestyle?

Now you can with Zespri Kiwifruit! Full of vitamins and minerals, it’s the perfect choice for your daily dose of super nutrition. This fuzzy, little fruit has been slowly gaining recognition as one of the most highly sought after superfruits. Not all fruits are created equal; some provide more nutrition than others.
The Zespri Green Kiwifruit with its refreshing tangy-sweet taste has 66% more fibre than papayas*! You can say goodbye to your digestion troubles and hello to a healthier and happier tummy. The fibre in Zespri Green Kiwifruit can help reduce feelings of bloatedness and promotes gut health.

The Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit has 3x the Vitamin C of oranges, just one meets 100% of your daily vitamin C needs**. Vitamin C is a great way to buffer your immune response to stress and help protect against the complications of the common cold. It assists in iron absorption, providing better vitality to and rejuvenating your body. Not to mention that it’s been shown to improve the overall complexion of your skin.
The good news is, that Zespri Malaysia has made it even easier and more fun to incorporate kiwifruits in your diet.
From the beginning of July to the first week of August, Zespri is running a contest from which you can win a Limited Edition on-the-go Blender each worth RM120. This tool will give you a fun, helpful, and healthy addition to a busy lifestyle such as yours.

All you have to do is get yourself out to any leading grocery store, look for Zespri Kiwifruit packs with contest packaging, and follow the instructions on the wrapper. Simply collect, count, and SMS. Every week, the first 100 correct entries will walk away with a blender.
With a Zespri On-the-Go Blender, you’ve got a fun way to get your kiwifruit boost in. The best part about this handy device is that it lets you take a delicious and nutritious Zespri Kiwifruit smoothie wherever you go so that you can enjoy superfruit nutrition anytime, anywhere, and every day.

Find out more at www.zespri.com/FeelAlive and @ZespriMY on Facebook.

*Total fibre content (g/100g edible flesh) New Zealand FOODFiles 2016 Version 01
**Total Vitamin C (mg/100g edible flesh) USDA Nutrient Database 2015 (Release 28)

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