Catch iQiyi Global Exclusive Drama My Ofis this 26 May: a Light-hearted Sitcom Promising Laughs & Thought-provoking Conversations

Calling all Malaysians! We are in for a treat with the launch of a fresh comedic drama called My Ofis which will premiere on iQiyi starting 26 May 2022. A collaboration with local production company Longhouse Films, iQiyi's global exclusive title from Malaysia, My Ofis, centers around Jasper, a rockstar wannabe who chooses to let go of his rock and roll fame to support his grandmother by turning to the corporate world which offers some financial stability compared to the entertainment industry which can be hard to penetrate.
The light-hearted sitcom explores the chaos and crazy antics of ordinary work life, romance and the struggles of office politics which Malaysians can certainly resonate with. Featuring a multicultural cast line-up of industry veterans and up-and-coming talent, this series touches on the dilemma of choosing a career that not many have the privilege and opportunity to pursue, especially for those looking to break into the local entertainment industry.
With recognisable names in the entertainment industry such as heart-throbs Kahoe Hon, a talented actor who aspires to become a film director, and Aeril Zafrel, one of Malaysia most popular male influencer who holds lead roles in multiple romance and action movies, together with veteran actor Alvin Wong and all-rounder Nasz Sally, My Ofis invokes thought-provoking questions about the struggles and realities of pursuing a career in the entertainment industry as a passion versus a career.

Catered to urban multicultural viewers, My Ofis is a distinctive new genre with fresh content that hopes to influence audiences to think about what truly matters to them. The series follows closely the challenges each character has to go through to achieve their dreams and follow their own paths to success, synonymous with the challenges Malaysians currently face in the job market and at the workplace.
“My Ofis gives audiences a glimpse into the reality of today’s working world where pursuing a career in the entertainment industry or diving head first into the corporate world comes with its own unique sets of challenges. We appreciate the vision of Longhouse in producing a light-hearted series that not only entertains audiences, but also opens up discussions about what we truly want in life, especially from our careers, while navigating the challenges that come with the decisions we make,” said Dinesh Ratnam, Country Manager of iQiyi Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei at the My Ofis press conference held at EQ Kuala Lumpur, the official on-ground event partner.
Speaking on the diverse experiences and cultures brought to the table by cast and crew members, Dianne Tan, Managing Director, Longhouse Films said, “The idea of My Ofis is the brainchild of fthe founder of Longhouse Films, Jon Chiew, the producer of My Ofis Jet Chiew, and myself. With our experiences and connections, we gathered local experts for this project and invited our international professionals from Korea, Hong Kong, China and the US to participate and enable us to blend Malaysia’s unique culture and different office personality into My Ofis, while also merging Korean culture with Malaysian style. Even the theme song "The Odd One Out" is a k-pop style song genre. This collaboration is also a great platform for both industry veterans and rising stars to learn from one another and we’re excited for Malaysians to experience this dramedy and we look forward to the discussions it will create in our society.”
With Malaysia in the endemic phase and many returning to the office, this dramedy featuring a mix of English and Malay aims to remind people not to give up on their dreams. While many may not be where they want to be in their careers right now, My Ofis showcases that with a bit of persistence and drive, we can certainly achieve anything we set our minds to.

This 100% authentic modern Malaysian dramedy reflects the changes experienced in our social lives during and post-pandemic, mirroring the challenges faced as we go back to the office as well as the dreams of today's youth who aspire to make it big in the social media scene which resonates with local and global audiences.
The relatable storyline peppered with lighthearted humour is created and presented by Malaysia’s finest homegrown talents both on and off screen and aims to showcase our unique Malaysian culture and language to international audiences across 191 territories.
My Ofis is also unique as it is incorporated with an e-commerce concept via QR code. This means that the audience will be exposed to a new format of content through the “Watch, Scan & Buy” concept that integrates advertising while empowering viewers to instantly and conveniently make purchases based on what they see on screen, having the products delivered right to their doorsteps. In exclusive partnership with homegrown e-commerce provider JOCOM: Your Pocket Supermarket, this is a breakthrough for the Malaysian film industry and homegrown businesses alike, pioneering and propelling digitalisation for traditional brands through a local show.
Catch all the action, drama and comedy of a Malaysian office sitcom exclusively on iQiyi and follow the fun and laughter as Jasper takes you through workplace 101 antics and dealing with whacky office politics. Take a gander and see if you are able to find the similarities between your colleagues and the employees of My Ofis.


Ezna Khalili said...

Menarik juga drama komedi ni ye?. Office Politics ni kan ada di mana2 je kan? I rasa memang kena dengan senario kat Malaysia kan?.

iena eliena said...

i ingatkan u nak cerita mengenai office u heheh..
ouhh Drama My Ofis rupanya. Menarik jugak. Esok boleh la tengok

iena eliena said...

i ingatkan u nak cerita mengenai office you :)
rupanya Drama My Ofis hehehe..okay menarik jugak nanti esok boleh tngok

fafa (n_n) said...

Nampak menarik sangat. Lagipon komedi sitcom kan, mesti tak kering gusi gelak je hehehe. I pon nak langgan lah

Min said...

Wah! got one of my fav actors Aerill Zafrel in the sitcom. Thanks for sharing, this will become a must-watch comedy-drama on my list.

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

partnership terbaik... apabila berkaloborasi dgn jocom....antara win win situation yg hebat

Nina Mirza said...

Alamak ada Aeril Zafrel laaa .. tak sabar nak tonton! Thank you share

仙妮 said...

Ohh wowo...I love comedy stories and any kind of cheerful stories , gonna check this out in my iQiyi soon. Yeah! Cheers Siennylovesdrawing

Mahamahu said...

Jarang bam tengok cerita mcm ni mungkin kita susah nak faham.. tapi banyak bangsa dalam cite ni.. menarik..

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