Happy Birthday to Wai Yee aka Rane & Benefit’s Boutique 1 Utama

Remember I mentioned before that September is my favorite month of the year? It’s actually my Birthday month, ahem….

To commemorate my big day this year, I am going to celebrate with 5 of my readers at the Benefit “The Great Browzini” party!

Get ready to be mystified and amazes as brows magically appear right before your eyes.
Date: Saturday, 26th 28th Sep 2013
Time: 10am to 12pm
Venue: Benefit’s Boutique 1 Utama

That’s not all; I’ll be giving away a Bella She Sparkles Bag and a Bella x Scotch Magic tape dispenser to the lucky 5 readers.
Thanks to Bella NTV 7 for sponsoring this.

It’s easy to join, just become my Public Follower at my blog by clicking "Join This Site" button on the right side bar, as well as like my FB page at https://www.facebook.com/WaiYeeAkaRane

Then, tell me why you would like to attend the Benefit “The Great Browzini” party by leaving a comment in this blogpost, together with your name, public follower name, FB name, email address, and mobile no.

5 lucky winners will be selected by the end of my Birthday, Thurs 26th Sep 2013.

Note that the prize will be given out during the party itself only yeah.

See ya girls!


Ashley Yeen said...

Why I want to join the Browzini? Because I wanna get waxed with my baby Rane! Its your birthday though, how could I miss it?

Name: Ashley Yeen
FB page: fb.com/ashley.yeen90
FB ACC: fb.com/ashley.yeenloo
Email: ashley.yeen90@gmail.com
Phone: 017-4482835

Caroline said...

Would love to join this! Too bad not free on that day. Happy advance birthday to u darling! :D

LauraLeia said...

Happy Birthday, Rane! :D *pops confetti*

I would love to attend the Benefit “The Great Browzini” party because I am absolutely horrible at doing my own eyebrows, and Benefit is definitely the expert at it! :D Plus, I've never been to a Benefit party before, so it would be fun! ^^

Name: Laura Lee
GFC: LauraLeia
FB: Laura Lee
Email: Laura1990my [at] hotmail.com

I don't feel comfortable putting my mobile number on the comment box, hope you understand. :D

Trislynnchan said...

Choose me! Choose Me!
I want to attend Benefit “The Great Browzini” party because i like benefit products, and their eyebrown shaping service!! I never step in the Benefit One Utama brach yet! I want to step in together with you!!hahaha *finger cross*

name: Trislynn Chan
public follower name: Trislynn Chan FB name: Trislynn Chan
Email address: trislynnchan@hotmail.com
Mobile no:014-7380177

Imemily said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shasha said...

Hi Rane!! Happy Advance Birthday!!

I would like to attend the Benefit 'The Great Browzini; with you and all the awesome girls,, and have fun getting magically amazing eyebrows!Plus its your birthday,and it would be great to celebrate it together with you! =D

name: Shasha Sekharan
public follower name:Shasha Sekharan
FB name: Shasha Sekharan
email address:shashasekharan@gmail.com

and I dont feel so secure in putting my mobile number publicly... hope you can understand =)

Unknown said...

I want to attend Benefit “The Great Browzini” party because life without Benefit was so sad,you can fancy I was glad, to tame my Teeny-Weeny brow with the great Browzini is all i want in my little head!

name: Cindy Tan
public follower name: Chewhua tan
FB name: Cindy Tan
Email address: ctchtan@gmail.com
Mobile no:0163651069

Kay @ The Glossy Allure said...

I want to join gorgeous Rane to Benefit “The Great Browzini” party because...
1- It'll be awesome to be a part of your birthday celebration!
2- Duh, Benefit + Rane = Fantabulous!
3- My brows are in dire need of some grooming. SOS!
4- Who could ever miss "The Great Browzini" party? The name says it all! It's too great to be missed!

Here are my details:
Name: Kay S
Public follower name : Kay @ The Glossy Allure
FB name : Kay GlossyAllure
Email address : theglossyallure@gmail.com
Mobile no. (Shall disclose this to you personally]

Thanks dearie! Keeping my fingers (and toes!) crossed! <3

Paris B said...

Hi lovely, not participating, but here to wish you a happy (early) birthday! :D Hope you have a fab day and a fab event!

The Baker said...

Happy Birthday in advance Rane!
The tape dispenser sure looks extraordinary!
Good luck to the ladies.

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Thanks for the participants girls!

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Thanks Caroline, Paris B & Nadia! Catch up with you all again yeah ^ ^

KellyJ said...

Happy Birthday to both!

I want to attend Benefit “The Great Browzini” party because it's simply can't missed!

name: Kelly
public follower name: KellyJ
FB name: KellyJ
Email address: KellyJ@gmail.com
Mobile no:Shall disclose personally to you

Thank you Rane!

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