Happy 30th Birthday to Melvita, The French pioneer in Organic Beauty Care

In year 1983, Melvita was created by biologist and beekeeper Bernard Chevilliat. “Mel” from latin meaning “honey”, and “vita” meaning “life”. Since then, Melvita has gone through many milestones, including entered Malaysia Market 2 years ago.
To celebrate Melvita’s 30th anniversary, Melvita Malaysia has invited a group of media friends to a fun cooking section at the Nathalie's Gourmet Studio, Solaris Dutamas not long ago.
Did you notice the new “faces” of Melvita in the poster? The background of it: Belle, a young Parisian girl filled with curiosity and enthusiasm is accompanied by the BEE all year long to explore and unlock the wisdom of nature. The BEE will show her the precious treasures it reveals to those who seek out and respects the nature, the purity of organic ingredients and the importance of beauty comes from within. Melvita believes strongly in these positive messages and now, more than ever, wants to invite its customers to share its values.
Melvita has revealed it Top 10 Best Sellers during the event;
1) Beauty Oil (RM 70 to RM 137)
2) Nectar Bright® Essence & Cream (RM215 to RM230)

3) Bio-Excellence Moisturizing Serum (RM 188)
4) Rose Nectar® Hydrating Facial Gel(RM 163)
5) Extraordinary Water (RM 88)
The No.5 Best seller, Extraordinary Water has a brand new packaging which is 100% Eco-friendly. The bottle is made entirely from recycled plastic materials(Polyethylene Terephthalate, PET). I’ll be reviewing these brand new Extraordinary Water soon, stay tuned OK.

6) Floral Water (RM 122)
7) Rose Nectar® Milky Cleansing Oil (RM 108)
8) Prosun SPF30 & SPR50 (RM 140 to RM 150)

9) Face Cleanser (RM 95 to RM 107)
10) Lips Rescuer (RM 43 to RM 62)

Back to the cooking session, the media group was separated to 2 groups. First group will learn to cook the main course and the second group will learn to prepare the dessert. Since Dessert is my all-time favourite, I’ve chosen the second group.
I’ve learned a few top tips and expert tricks to make Rose, Lychee and Rasberry Pavlova in the event. The very first thing is to have everything ready. Because when you start mixing the pavlova, you should not stop!
Secondly, the egg whites must not contain any trace of yolk. A new tip to share with you, you could separate the eggs individually using hands.
Last but not least, we should use low temperature when baking for firm crust but soft and marshmallowy inside.
While we were baking the pavlova, the other team was still busy preparing the main course. Now we know why French takes such a long time to enjoy their food, because their food is like a piece of art, which took long time and great effort to prepare.
Lunch was served after our hard work, yay! We enjoyed the Delicious Slowly cooked honey glazed chestnut chicken with carrot potato puree, spring vegetables and short jus, and the sweet Rose, Lychee and Rasberry Pavlova as well as Melvita’s 30th's Birthday Carrot Cake as dessert.
All of the media has truly enjoyed the cooking session, and went back home with real full stomach.
Top chef, Nathalie herself told us that top-quality organic ingredients create a finer, more exquisite taste than synthetic ingredients. Hence, producing a beauty product is not much different. Certified organic beauty products work better simply because they are made with superior ingredients.

Melvita, the French pioneer in Organic Beauty Care works with almost a thousand natural and organic ingredients, bringing them together in perfect synergies.
Their 4 ranges below combine quality and performance with pure pleasure, hence you should really check them out.

1) Rose Nectar® - For Hydration
2) Bio-Excellence – For 1st Sign of Aging
3) Nectar Bright® - For Brightening
4) Naturalist – For Anti-Ageing

Melvita boutiques are available at;

Mid Valley Megamall Lot G-001A, Ground Floor. Tel: 03-2282 2166
Suria KLCC C15B, Concourse Floor. Tel: 03-2181 2161
One Utama F141 First Floor. Tel: 03-7710 1877

Melvita Malaysia Website: http://my.melvita.com/

Do like Melvita Malaysia Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/MelvitaMY for updates on their news and promotions.

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