S.M.E Sitcom is Back to Educate and Entertain

The locally produced English sitcom, Small Mission Enterprise has return with a new season this month. The original cast of the series will come into their roles to offer light-hearted takes on what it takes to succeed as entrepreneurs.
“We are presenting realism, in a comedy format, which showcases the characters and genuinely reflects the opportunities and the challenges that entrepreneurs face in the country.
“This show highlights the SME issues such as funding, which nobody knows exist, or there are misconceptions that it’s hard to get, or there are bureaucratic red tape,” said Wayne Lim, executive producer of the sitcom and the Malaysia SME chief executive officer at a media screening of the sitcom recently.

He added, “Our involvement in production was spurred by the fact that there are too many naysayers who think that a local sitcom addressing the entrepreneurship issues is not going to be well received. We have had positive feedback from viewers (both entrepreneurs and the public), the network and the actors on how the sitcom, in its first season, touched them in some way or other. If we can help a small percentage of the close to one million SMEs operating in Malaysia, we know that we have made a difference.”
Sitcom director Douglas Lim, said, “As I worked on the first season of the sitcom, I picked up pointers which helped me when I decided to set up my own company. Just as I was inspired, I hope that more start-ups will learn and perhaps, have the courage to go it alone. It is all about small steps and the sitcom identifies the small steps that can turn into successes or failures.”

Present also at the screening were the sitcom’s main sponsors; AXA Affin General Insurance Bhd CEO Emmanuel Nivet, Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd president and CEO Melvyn Ho and DHL Express Malaysia Sdn Bhd managing director David Ng.
The media screening served as a prelude to a series of roadshows that will be held at selected cities in the country.

There will also be meet-and-greet sessions with the cast and crew of the Small Mission Enterprise actors including Adibah Noor, Alvin Wong, Baki Zainal, Ash Nair, Chelsia Ng and Indi Nadarajah.
In a nutshell, MALAYSIA SME® is all about SMEs, locally and globally.

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