Trendy October with China Glaze Neon Color & Texture

Fashion is all about innovation and evolving to set new trends to follow, this extends to fashionable nail polishes as well. Nail polishes have always been known for offering a wide variety of colors to bring fashion and life back to plain nails. However, now China Glaze has taken it up a notch against its counterparts by coming up with neon color shades!!
Following the latest trend of Malaysian female fashionista, these color ranges brighten up nails regardless of whichever skin tone and ensures you look hip and trendy to whatever occasion you are going to. These neon color shades are so trendy, that you don’t even need bling blings on your hands to attract people in the eye!
China Glaze Neon Color range is so uniquely created that it dries faster than any of the other color ranges. It maintains well for almost a week without chipping off so easily. However, with a topcoat, it maintains on nails even longer, not losing its shine. Plus, these neon color range can be easily removed with only just a gentle acetone nail polish remover.

China Glaze Neon Color Range comes in 6 colors

Size: 0.325oz
Price: RM42/bottle

How to Apply?

Just like any other nail polish, apply the desired neon color shade after base coat, and, then, top it with a fast drying topcoat for a glossy effect. For a matte effect, just leave the color without a topcoat on top.

If you are looking for something different, textured nail polish is suitable to you. It offers a different feel and style to nails. Plus, with the sweet pastel colors available in this textured range, it provides fashionista who wants to showcase their edgy yet girly side.
‘Texture’ by China Glaze is the next ‘in’ thing in the nail polish industry. Texture provides a sand-like feel to nails. With 4 colors, this range provides the best assemble to your summer fashion as it gives you the feeling of the beautiful sandy beaches in the summer. ‘Texture’ by China Glaze, works well on its own without having to apply a topcoat. 
With colors from pink, peach to orange and yellow, female fashionista can play with the variety of pastel colors available in texture from China Glaze
Retail Price: RM42/BOTTLE
Size: 14ml
Availability: Exclusive at One Utama

Check out the other China Glaze range too! 
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LauraLeia said...

The colours are all so pretty! I wanna try textured polishes so long edi but haven't tried any T_T

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