Ronasutra™ Mineral Makeup

Officially launched in Malaysia in 2007, the Ronasutra™ brand of cosmetics and beauty products are wholly formulated using the earth’s minerals, rendering them free from harsh chemicals including talc, dyes, perfumes, preservatives and oils. The products are formulated to suit all skin types, especially sensitive and/or problematic skin.
I’ve heard so much rave about Ronasutra™ Mineral Foundation & Powder, and I finally had the chance to try it out last month, thanks to Ashley babe.
I was given a makeover using Ronasutra™ 2-in-1 Mineral Base & Concealer, Ronasutra™ 2-in-1 Mineral Foundation & Powder, Ronasutra™ Eye Colour as well as Ronasutra™ Cheek Color Mineral Blusher during the Ronasutra™ Mineral Eye Colour launch.
It was my first time using loose mineral powder as foundation as well as blusher. They really stay on my face for whole day while giving me a natural finish. I had transformed to a versatile look with Ronasutra™ Mineral Makeup in that evening.

Just like other Ronasutra™ products, Ronasutra™ Mineral Eye Colour is 100% natural and safe to use. Innovation at its best, this product not only enhances, but imparts brilliant and intense shades without over-powering the natural beauty of your eyes.

Ronasutra™ Mineral Eye Colour sets itself apart from the rest of the products in the market due to its unique formulation. Similar to our previous range of products, the eye colours are made from 100% minerals, hence are free from potentially harsh chemicals including binders, talc, dyes, fragrances, synthetics, animal extracts, preservatives and oils. It does not clog pores or irritate the delicate area of the eyes, making it highly suitable for all skin types. Ultimately, the product boasts vivid colours that enhance your natural alluring eyes. Lasting up to 16 hours yet can be removed easily, you need not worry about your skin condition after a long tired day,” commented Ms. Audri Zin, Product and Brand Development Director of Miliyasutra Sdn Bhd.
Play up the mood with five captivating palettes from Ronasutra™ Mineral Eye Colour, each with three complementing shades. These vibrant shades reflect the rich hues in nature where the warm earthy tones are complemented by deeper shades to define the eyes and lighter shades for highlights.
Bone, Orange Brown & Deep Brown
Pearl, Mauve & Plum Brown

Light Gold, Gold & Dark Green
Soft Silver, Violet & Purple Brown
Sunlight, Emerald & Moss Brown

From Orange to Brown, Violet to Purple, Mauve to Silver or even Dark Green to Gold, this natural product will certainly make your eyes sparkle like a radiant star with its long lasting and irresistibly enchanting shades.
If you are not into sparkling eye makeup, don’t worry as the Ronasutra™ Mineral Eye Colour would become matte when you blend it with finger or a brush.
Comes in handy stackable jars, it allows you to stack all shades together or separate according to each palette. Whatever the decision, the mineral eye colours are simply convenient and easy to be packed in a handbag.
I like the Ronasutra™ Eye Colour in Dark Green to Gold combination the most, and I’ve picked that up to bring home that day.

Experience Ronasutra™ Mineral Eye Colour’s versatility at your fingertips and be surprised by its sheer and lightweight application. Even though in a loose form, it is exceptionally easy to apply and handle. A stunning, professional look can be achieved within the shortest time frame. Depending on the application, the effect of the eye colours may vary “Dab and blend the colours with your fingers or apply a primer beforehand to achieve an intense dimensional shimmer. Alternatively, apply a layer of powder before applying the eye colours to create a soft, matte finish, “continued Ms. Audri. In addition, Ronasutra™ Mineral Eye Colour can be used as eyeliner or eyebrow colour through various techniques and applicators. For instance, applying the eye colours with a slight damp brush on the skin will add a strong defined line on the eye, similar to the effect of a liquid eyeliner.
Ronasutra™ Mineral Eye Colour is available from August 2013 onwards at RM38 each palette of 3 complementing shades.

“We are proud to have created such exciting product that is versatile and high-performance. No matter what your skin condition, you are assured of its safety and natural ingredients. Perhaps it is time to bring out your true beauty with these amazing shades. Be adventurous and have fun with Ronasutra Mineral Eye Colour!” Ms. Audri concluded.
What I like about Ronasutra™ is that their products are really affordable, and they are very thoughtful. Why thoughtful? The Ronasutra™ Mineral powder and blusher’s packaging, we could close the lid by turning the plastic cover after we use it so that the powder wouldn’t leak when it’s not in use.

Ronasutra™ product is so safe that I could even apply it to Jia Rye’s face on her school concert day.

As a conclusion, I’d like to share some Ronasutra™’s features with you all before I end the post.
Ronasutra™ is authentic 100% minerals, anti-bacterial, comes with SPF35, suci and safe(hence suitable for prayers and Haji), fragrance free, preservative free, tacl free, oil free as well as synthetics free. Because of its 100% earth’s minerals ingredients, we could even wear it during sleep without worry about skin drying. Indeed, it helps regulates sebum production, and encourage new cell turnover and detoxification.
We are proud with this Malaysia own make up brand too; keep up the good work Ronasutra™.
Make your purchase through Ronasutra™’s distribution chain consisting of wholesalers and dealers, select beauty centers, online retailers and independent pharmacies, via online at or from its dedicated cosmetic counters at these locations - Plaza Shah Alam, Subang Parade and Wangsa Walk.

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