Kiss Me Party at Sunway Lagoon

Carmen and I woke up extremely early on a Saturday morning last month to the Kiss Me Party at Sunway Lagoon.
Sunway Lagoon was full house that day, People Mountain People Sea as many other companies were having family day events there too.
We had some eye makeup done before taking the challenge set by the Lagoon’s event team.
4 of us were in the “Octopus” group – Me, Carmen, Ashley and Wendy. Cute Ashley created our team name “Octopus” and the shout “Pus Pus Pus, we are Pctopus” lol
We run around Sunway Lagoon with sweat and laugh. Too bad Ashley got to leave for her bus to Penang before the event ended.
The team has managed to complete 7 games out of 8 games, and we were the third team to check in the finish point. Just while we thought we would be the top 3, and suddenly we were informed that we only got the Consolation prize, we were confused. At last, we found out that one of the coupons was folded in the letter and hide inside the envelope, and hence we only passed back 6 coupons and not all the 7 of them. We became consolation prize winners for this careless mistake, morale of the story: Don’t panic and always double and triple check for every work you have done.
I do thanks Carmen though, as she insisted us to take the only challenge that we did not manage to finish on time - the new and largest Vuvuzuela after the game has finished. The ride was a fun one.
Many have turned up to this event, and hence all of us need to queue and wait to be pampered with make up, hairdo, as well as manicure. Carmen and I did not do any of it because we were reluctant to queue and decided to give the chance to the others. But, we did enjoy some instant camera shooting and had some food while we were waiting for the rest.
I believe all of us did enjoy the tired day, and went back with great memories.
Thanks Manoah and Kiss Me for the fun day. I would also like to thanks my teammates for the effort. :)
* Pics in this post are from Kiss Me Facebook page:


The Bubbly Yeen said...

Can't believe we've won the prize! Congratulations and well done girls!! muak muak!!

Arms said...

Hi, blogwalking here :)

Cool games. But what do you have to take from the transparent box. Can't see.

Anyway, happy weekend!

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