Buying Glasses Online is Just as Easy as 123 at GlassesOnline

Nowadays the living standard is so high in Malaysia, I’d rather save my time, petrol and parking fees by getting glasses/contact lenses delivered to my doorstep for free.
I’ve ordered a pair of contact lens from GlassesOnline back in August. Since GlassesOnline strives to provide its customers with 100% Original Lenses, hence I’m not worry about the product at all. Furthermore, GlassesOnline provides free 30 days return policy, sounds great, isin’t it?
The process is very simple, just

1) Pick lenses
2) Subscribe
3) Receive

There are quite a lot of choices for contact lens. I’ve picked the Charmé Mesmerize Color Lenses since I love color lenses that creates bigger, brighter eyes. Charmé Mesmerize Color Lenses blend natural colors, revealing vivid look for your eyes. Combining the manufacturer core technique «Cast Modeling Process » with the Sandwich Design, the texture of the color lens becomes thinner and smoother contributing to better comfort for you.
With the water content of 38%, the mesmerize is made such thinner and with base curve of 8.7mm that fit perfectly to your eyes. This allows mesmerize to follow your iris wherever it moves.

I’ve got compliments by wearing Charme Mesmerize Violet lenses, they said my eyes are glowing. However my eyes tend to feel the dryness after 5 hours of wearing it. I’m not sure if this is my problems because I’ve seen some other bloggers’ review that it is really comfortable to wear for a whole day.
Charmé Mesmerize Color Lenses Original Price was RM 55.00 per box, but it is selling at only RM 30.00 per box now.

Visit for more choices and order now.


Charmaine Pua said...

Maybe the contact lens is not suitable for you. I got myself a pair of sunglasses instead :)

LauraLeia said...

I picked Charme Violet too, and I like wearing! The design is really pretty~ ^^ It does tend to feel abit dry after a while though.

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Yeah Charmaine, maybe it's me only. Wow nice one, have you posted the sunglasses review? I wanna read!

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Yupe Laura I read your review, hehehe.

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