Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia “The Great Browzini” Party Was an Enjoyable Party for Me and My Girls

In year 1977, an exotic dancer orders for a “nipple stain”, hence born the famous “benetint” by Benefit cosmetics. I first know about Benefit when I was travelled in Sydney, Australia 10 years back. I had fall in love with this cute pinky cosmetic brand back then but it wasn’t available in Malaysia back then.
Fortunately for us, Benefit has opened their counters in Malaysia few years ago. What’s more, they have also opened a beautiful store at 1 Utama last year.
To commemorate with Benefit’s 1 Utama Store 1st year anniversary, a few lucky September babies who are mainly bloggers were invited to a closed-door party – “The Great Browzini” 2 weeks ago. Since each of us was allowed to bring along a few friends, hence I decided to do a giveaway to invite my beautiful readers to join the fun instead.
Not only that, I’ve also brought along my elder daughter, JR, because she’s a beautyholic like me. She started to touch my skin care and cosmetic while she was 7 months old, she would crawl to my dressing table and play around the products. Guess it was inherited by me lol.

We woke up extra early on that Saturday for the bonding together beauty party. We reached 1 Utama at 10am however the party was began at about 11am only. We mingled around and camwhore while waiting for the event to be started.
Laura & I
Kay, Shasha and I

Benefit had invited a magician to show us some magic as the opening show.
JR was too shy to follow what the Magician told her to do
See, even the magician's pigeon has fall in love with Benefit Cosmetics!

Then the September babies were gather together, while the rest sang a Birthday song to us before we blow the pretty Benefit Birthday cake.
Make a wish
At the end of the event, the Benefit beauty magician had demo us the latest product – “Gimme Brow”. This innovative brush-on fiber gel adheres to skin & hair, creating brows where before there were none. The result is really promising from Kah Mun’s face.
Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia had also prepared some cupcakes, chocolate cakes, muffins, chocolate strawberries, and refreshing juice for us during the party.
I found out that Benefit’s 1 Utama Store offers waxing services, not only eyebrow but they also offer Brazilian Wax too. They have a special Brazilian Wax room in the store.
My girl and I were all over it in the party. I truly enjoy discovering Benefit’s new product and sharing the experience with my daughter.
JR told me that it’s one of her happiest day that day, not only that she got to participate in the beauty event, but also she had brought home a beautiful bouquet of Benefit’s pink balloons. All the passerby was eyeing on her balloons while we shopped around after the event.
Thank you Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia for organizing this beautiful event, and the thoughtful gifts. I really like the transparent cosmetic box stored with all the pretty cosmetics, from different type of eye shadow to the latest product – Gimme Brow, as well as the product that I have wanted to buy since last month, ultra plush lip gloss. Not only that, each of us got to bring home the goodie bag which contains a free brow waxing service, a deluxe size of Sugarbomb Ultra plush and a money can’t buy Benefit notepad.
My girl and I had continued our beauty experiment with these goodie at home. I am not hesitating to let her play around my Benefit’s Cosmetics because I know the products are good and save, furthermore I really trust the brand. The beautiful cosmetic box has become her Pandora Box since then, and we are really a lucky batch to enjoy laughter and beautiful products together.
“Laughter is the best cosmetic, so grin and wear it.” said Jean & Jane Ford, the founder of Benefit.

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LauraLeia said...

It was a fun party! Thank you for the invite, Rane ^^ Your daughter really cute btw, hehe~

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Thanks for joining us, Laura. :) Hehehe hope she will be cute forever ;)

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