Caudalie Workshop at Kens Apothecary Bangsar Village 2

Caudalie, a brand that contains 3 exclusive patents – Polyphenols from grape-seeds for anti-oxidant; viniferine from grapevine sap for anti-dark spot; as well as Resveratrol-Oleyl from grapevine stalks for anti-aging.
I’m not going to tell you the history of Caudalie as I’ve already blogged about previously during their Vinosource  and Vinoperfect launch post here.
Kens Apothecary had carried Caudalie not long ago, and The Lilac bloggers were invited for a mini workshop at Kens Apothecary Bangsar Village 2 not long ago.
The highlight of the workshop was eye care because eye is so important, and it’s the windows to our soul. If you think your eye does not need rest to function, you are absolutely correct. The eye is the only part of the human body that can function 100% ability at any moment, day or night without rest. Of all the muscles in our body, the eye muscle are the most active. The average person blinks 12x a minute and up to 10,000x blinks a day! Because the skin aound the eye area is 10x thinner compared to the skin on the face, fine lines and wrinkles appear much faster! That’s why we need to use eye care to prevent puffy eyes, dark circles, fine lines & wrinkles, and the scary droppy eye lids.
Caudalie has introduced 3 eye care star products targeting different purposes;

Vinosource S.O.S Morning Eye Rescue for sensitive eyes and dehydrated skin.
Pulpe Vitaminee Eye and Lip cream for dark circles under the eyes and tired eyes.
Vinexpert eye and lip serum for puffy eyes or drooping eyelids. It’s 98% natural ingredients, oiol-free and scent free texture made it fast to absorb. Vinexpert eye and lip serum comes in an airless pump, 15ml.
Caudalie product manager has demonstrated some useful eye care application method during the workshop too;

1. Decongesting: Take 1 rice grain on middle finger, share the amount between both middle fingers. Dab skincare gently all over the upper and lower eyelids of both eyes.
2. Smoothing anti-fatigue: Still using your middle fingers, smooth eye care from the temples towards the inner corner of the eye. Continue from the inner corner toward the temples.
3. Anti-wrinkle / radiance: Using your middle finger, eye care in between the 2 eyes, with circular motions. Then proceed on the crews feet, with external circular motions.
I found these tips are quite handy, and I hope they are useful for you too.

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