EQ’s Celestial Treasures Mooncakes Fuse Tradition with Creativity

This Mid-Autumn Festival, EQ will be presenting a delicious array of mooncakes in both traditional and modern interpretations. In preparation for the festival on 17 September 2024, which in China marks the end of the harvest period, the award-winning hotel will be presenting 11 flavours of mooncakes for guests to choose from.

The traditional baked mooncakes will feature a golden brown traditional pastry enclosing a choice of five flavours: white lotus with a single yolk, traditional Cantonese mixed nuts, white lotus, red bean and the special EQ Signature Pearl of Harmony.
The snow skin mooncakes break from convention with their colourful rice flour exteriors and six creative flavours, namely Golden Charcoal Musang King Durian, Emerald Yuzu Pandan, Mint Chocolate Hawaiian Macadamia, Butterfly Pea Flower Vitagen White Lotus, Red Bean Custard and Sun-dried Scallop with Mixed Nuts.

To present the mooncakes in style, EQ has commissioned three packaging options which can be used after the delicacies have been enjoyed.

The Autumn Jade Collection offers a choice of four traditional mooncakes for RM288 or six snow skin mooncakes for RM328 which will come in a beautiful leather case in a warm burnt sienna shade. The case, which features a stylised rabbit – the most popular symbol of the Mid-Autumn Festival – transforms into a chic handbag when the strap which is packed inside is attached to the bag’s handle.
The Longevity Collection priced at RM198 offers a choice of eight green tea or white lotus traditional mini baked mooncakes presented in a stylish mustard yellow bucket bag with a chestnut brown carry strap which becomes a fashionable accessory.
The Premium Collection is the ultimate Mid-Autumn Festival gift, with a choice of either a bottle of Hennessy VSOP and four traditional baked mooncakes for RM988, or a bottle of Bottega Gold Prosecco and four traditional baked mooncakes for RM788. Both come in a luxurious leather case which can be repurposed as a jewellery or document case.

Gerard Walker, General Manager of EQ, is looking forward to the mooncakes being just the tip of the Mid-Autumn experience. “One of the warmest things about Chinese culture is the gift-giving that happens during festivities. The tradition and the lore behind these food gifts are a fascinating part of Malaysian culture. All of us at EQ are looking forward to the response our presentation boxes for the mooncakes will undoubtedly get this year, seeing we are the only hotel whose gift boxes transform into wearable and carriable fashion accessories. We hope that by putting some thought into our packaging, we will play a small part in the sustainability of our festive food items. I hope that after the last mooncake has been enjoyed, the boxes will be a useful reminder of the Mid-Autumn Festival.”

Celestial Treasures mooncakes will be available at the special Celestial Treasures Pop-up Booth in the hotel lobby from 15 June 2024, as well as at Kampachi and IPPUDO restaurants, Thyme Out Café in the AICB building on Jalan Dato Onn, and at The Exchange TRX Mall on the concourse level from 19 August 2024. Individual mooncakes can only be purchased at EQ and The Exchange TRX Mall.

To meet all gift-giving needs an early bird offer of 15 percent will be applicable to purchases between 15 June and 31 July 2024. There are also bulk purchase discounts of 10 percent for the purchase of 20 boxes and above and 15 percent for 50 boxes and above. Both early bird offer special and bulk purchase discounts applicable to only Autumn Jade Collection, Longevity Collection and Premium Collection.

For orders and inquiries, please reach out to dineateqkl@kul.equatorial.com or WhatsApp +6012 278 9239.

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