Review: Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse

Beauty Talk is a Taiwan brand that I trust, and hence I’m a Beauty Talk Oxy Mask user since years ago. So when HiShop offered me a bottle of Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse for review purpose, I quickly said yes.

The Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse is a superior non-irritating cleanser and make-up remover for fragile skin, or skin with minor abrasions. The special formula is gentle as water and non-irritating. Hypo-allergenic, it may be applied even around your eyes!
Like other Beauty Talk products, the packaging is simple and user friendly.

One easy press creates a foamy lather. Liposome conduction technology employs tiny molecules to thoroughly clean dermal impurities and makeup. Rich oxygenating essences and moisturizing factors penetrate deep within your skin to activate dermal cells from the inside out.
Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse cleanses, removes makeup, moisturizes, nourishes, and oxygenates skin.

How to use?

Apply a small amount of mousse to your fingertips and massage along your face until makeup is entirely removed. No rinsing required (though you may if you wish). Follow with other skincare products. For heavy makeup, repeat this application.
May also be used as a toner during second application. Apply to face with cotton pad to enhance moisture and deeply cleanse your face.
Main Ingredients:
Perfluorodecalin, Trehalose, Sorbitol, Cucumber Extract, Aloe Extract. It does not contain surfactant.
What I like about Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse is that it is surprisingly delicate and clean. It does not sting my eyes. My skin feel supple and moisturized. However I do wish the mousse could last longer because it turns watery after a few seconds which I dislike.

Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse 110ml normal price is RM 105. HiShop is having a promotion price of RM 94.50 at their website here.

Oh, and don't forget to enter my specia code 'WAIYEECHIN' when you check out to enjoy 15% rebate! 

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