Review: down to earth All Natural Baby Lotion

As a mother of two lovely daughters, I know as a parents, we all want only the purest and the safest for our most precious bundle of joy, and understandably so!  Not only is it your way of showing how much you care for them, it's also important because they actually do need more TLC.  
Baby's skin is porous and gets drier easily so you've got to be careful about what touches your baby's skin. I apply lotion for my girls since they were born because it's important to keep their delicate skin hydrated.

I've recently tried out the down to earth All Natural Baby Lotion. It is made by 100% Natural ingredients include Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis), Naturally-derived triglycerides, Sunflower oil, Tapioca starch, Organic avocado oil, Anisic acid.
The white lotion has a very mild scent which is good as I don't like to use strong scented products on my kids.
However, the texture is too watery which I don't really like. Somehow it is very easy to apply to my girls' whole body smoothly. My little girl likes the cute bottles a lot as she could grab it with her small hands easily.

For a 100% natural lotion, I found the price is afforable. down to earth All Natural Baby Lotion comes in various sizes and prices below;
50ml RM 13.90
200ml RM 28.90
500ml RM 48.90

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