Laneige Meets Fashion - A Beautiful Harmony of Fashion and Beauty

Laneige is thrilled to announce its ‘LANEIGE meets FASHION’ project, a yearly venture in Korea which will see exciting collaborations between Laneige and up-and-coming fashion designers.
Known among Koreans as the leader of Korean Wave beauty in the global market, Laneige understands the power of both make-up and fashion in a woman’s ensemble. Without one or the other, a woman’s outfit is never complete. Thus, the core of K-beauty lies in the perfect mix & match of fashion and beauty. With the launch of ‘LANEIGE meets FASHION’, Laneige wants women all over the world to be inspired by K-Beauty and to celebrate the traits that make up a fashionista – great skin, an understanding of make-up, a good eye for detail and an overall sense of style.

To kick-off the project for 2014, Laneige has teamed up with pushBUTTON, a leading fashion brand in Korea. Known for designing edgy yet fun pieces, pushBUTTON is the preferred new designer brand among Korean celebrities as well as the global youth generation who are on the lookout for the latest trends. The collaboration, set to debut in August 2014, will reflect a unique partnership between Laneige and pushBUTTON as they work together to deliver a trendy yet sophisticated collection named ‘LEO-PUPPY’. As its name suggests, LEO-PUPPY combines leopard prints (which represent animal fur) and puppy patterns to embody the anti-fur concept in a friendly, witty way.
The collaboration between Laneige and pushBUTTON is not a completely new one. Earlier in March this year, 2 new lipstick shades were introduced into the Serum Intense Lipstick line, Pink Crush and Catch Me Red. These two lip colours were featured as the main lip colours during pushBUTTON’s fashion preview in the Fall/Winter Seoul Collection.

Having been successfully featured as the ‘Fashion Show Lipstick’, Laneige have set to team up again with pushBUTTON in August to present their consumers with a limited-edition type make-up line, while hoping that this breath of fresh air will excite and draw consumers to the importance of harmonizing both fashion and beauty.

To celebrate this beautiful harmony between Laneige and pushBUTTON, a collaboration clutch was produced. Fashioned in black and green LEO-PUPPY prints, this ‘It-Clutch’ was designed to be convenient yet fashionable at the same time. As a way to reward its loyal customers, the It-Clutch will be awarded to customers who purchase products worth RM200 or more from the LEO-PUPPY collection.

In addition to the collaboration clutch, the LEO-PUPPY Collection will feature 3 of Laneige’s beauty products namely the Leo-Puppy Serum Intense Lipstick, Leo-Puppy BB Cushion SPF50+PA+++ and Leo Puppy Eye Shadow. These products will be redesigned in LEO-PUPPY leopard prints to embody this special ‘Laneige meets Fashion’ collaboration.

Leo-Puppy Serum Intense Lipstick (RM70)
Leo-Puppy Serum Intense Lipstick will feature 4 new shades in this new collection. They are Push Pink, Dressy Coral, Button Orchid and Retro Plum.
The benefits of the Serum Intense Lipstick include the presence of 3 types of moisture sealing formula containing 35% skin care ingredient that locks in lip moisture. Besides that it also contains a highly moist pure base Shine LED which expresses the pigment’s inherent colour beautifully. These two features provide consumers with a long-lasting lip wear while ensuring that lips remain moist throughout.
Leo-Puppy BB Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ (RM150)
Also featured in the LEO-PUPPY collection is the Leo-Puppy BB Cushion SPF50+PA+++. Infused with Laneige’s Melacrusher™ technology, the BB Cushion helps the skin recover its ability to self-decompose melanin for a brighter and fairer skin, free from blemishes. Aside from that, it contains natural mineral water which is vital for faster absorption into the skin. Thus, our skin experiences immediate hydration from the inside out.

Leo-Puppy Eye Shadow (RM90)
The last feature in the LEO-PUPPY collection is the Leo-Puppy Eye Shadow. The eye shadow will consist of 3 shades in a palette; beige, pink brown and hot pink designed in the LEO-PUPPY leopard print.
LEO-PUPPY has been launched in August 2014 and fans of the brand will be excited to find the latest colour additions in the Serum Intense Lipstick line, which were specially crafted to suit pushBUTTON’s fashion preview during the 2014 Fall/Winter Seoul Collection.

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