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Benefit Makeup Master, Jose Rivera has flown from the USA to here to show us how to get pom-pom pretty in seconds with wonderful benefit products during a media event months ago. Jose is no stranger to the cosmetics industry with more than 15 years under his belt. As creator of the Sephora PRO Beauty Team, a team of 14 skilled makeup artists from across North America, Jose served as Lead Artistic for 12 seasons of New York Fashion Week. All of us were so excited to meet him in person.
Even though Jose is a prestige beauty guru, but he has a good personality and is really down to earth. He had shared some very useful beauty tips & tricks with us which I'll be share with you in next post yeah.
Let's look at the 2 new products that Benefit  Malaysia had introduced during the event.
The first product is the Majorette. Benefit Majorette is the new cream-to-powder booster blush that gives cheeks an instant ‘cheer’ up!
Benefit Majorette is like a macaroon, so yummylicious pretty!

There are 2 ways to use the Majorette;
1)     Twirl the peppy pink-peach shade on bare cheeks to amplify your natural flush.
2)     Or wear it under your favourite benefit Box O’ Powder for extra pep & staying power.
Swatches of Benefit Majorette
Majorette comes with a new fragrance of pom-pom peach & pomegranate. The scent is really nice and sweet. Not only that, the packaging looks sweet and cute too. I bet every girls will like it very much.
I used my fingers to apply it on my cheeks. As shared by Jose, we apply blusher 2 fingers away from our nose wing and up to the cheek bone area.
Voila, I look pom-pom pretty in seconds!
Benefit cosmetics products that I used to create the look.

Majorette is already available in store from this month onwards for a suggested retail price of RM 115.
I'll be sharing the other new product and more tips from Jose in my next post. Stay tuned. :)
For more information about benefit Malaysia, visit
Instagram - @benefitcosmeticsmy

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