Discover the Ultimate Anti-aging Power of The Pearl - Do Not Age with Dr. Brandt

In an era of youth supremacy, Dr. Brandt offers 30 years of skin-changing science by cracking the code of aging to create the antidote. Using patented DuoPearl™ technology that unlocks a powerful Juvenessence+ complex, it restrains the domino effect of cellular aging. Give back youth and harmony to your face.
Do Not Age With Dr. Brandt skin care range consists of 4 significant products;
     1)    Do Not Age With Dr. Brandt Transforming Pearl Serum 40ML (RM 499) 
A youthful jumpstart for youthful, rejuvenated skin
This powerful serum features Dr. Brandt’s exclusive Juvenessence+ Complex, encapsulated in a state-of-the-art DuoPearl technology, the result of five years of research and six patents. Formulated to jumpstart skin's metabolsm and restore strength and vitality, it also also promotes and maintains younger-looking skin, for longer. DuoPearl technology has pearls that resemble mini laboratories, combining lipo+ hydrophases for maximum ingerdient efficacy and preservation. They burst upon application, unlocking the ultimate anti-aging power of Juvenessence+ Complex to reverse the domino effect of cellular aging.

      2)    Do Not Age With Dr. Brandt  Time Reversing Cream 50G (RM 429)
Powerfully nourishing aromatherapy benefits to counter aging
Nourish, sculpt and firm with an energetic blend of essential oils. This universal aint-aging cream is blessed with Dr Brandt's Juvenescence+ Complex to restore skin's architecture, addressing and reversing sagging skin and loss of volume, elasticity, density and wrinkles. Hydrating Babassu Oil provides the ultimate sensorial experience and, delivered in an exclusive lamellar structure, the cream melts at skin temperature to deeply moisturize while releasing the power of Juvenescence + Complex. The joyous and energetic blend of essential oils creates a therapeutic aromatherapy effect.
      3)    Do Not Age With Dr. Brandt Triple Peptide Eye Cream 15G (RM 339)
Special, targeted care for tired eye areas
Rejuvenate, illuminate and reverse the signs of time with this ultra-rich formula, powered by Dr Brandt's exclusvie triple peptide complex. It helps restore and replenish moisture, reduces puffiness and helps fade dark circles. Fine lines and wrinkles are targeted too to result in a more rested look.
      4)    Do Not Age With Dr. Brandt Firming Neck Cream 50G (RM 250)
A universal anti-aging cream that targets problems areas
An intuitive anti-aging cream powered by Dr Brandt's advanced delivery system, the platinum peptide technology works like skin's own GPS and delivers potent ingredients that target problem areas to repair and restore skin's structure.
Dr. Brandt skincare is available at locations below;
Dr. Brandt The Gardens, Lot F-K05, t: 03-22827300
KENS Bangsar Shopping Centre, Lot G103, t: 03-20921829
KENS apothecary One Utama, Lot FK05, t: 03-77225434
KENS apothecary Bangsar Village II, t: 03-22820661
All Sephora Stores
For more information, visit;

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