Join Dutch Lady ‘Kalau Mak Menang’ Campaign to Win More Than RM3.6 Million in Cash Prizes

Gear up for the Dutch Lady ‘Kalau Mak Menang’ campaign that gives away a total of more than RM3.6 million worth of cash prizes, courtesy of Dutch Lady Growing-Up Milk powder!
For a chance to win these cash prizes, just head on to a hypermarket, supermarket or any retail outlet near you and pick up Dutch Lady 1kg Growing-Up Milk packs. Lucky winners who find a special logo inside the pack will be eligible to collect a RM300 cash prize. A total of more than 12,000 milk packs with winning logos are expected to be on the shelves of retail stores starting 12 September 2014.
Dutch Lady Growing-Up Milk ambassador and local child-starlet - Mia Sara

In her speech during the launch of the Dutch Lady Kalau Mak Menang campaign, Wong Vai Chi, Marketing Manager of Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad said, “Dutch Lady is proud to be one of Malaysian mothers’ top choices when it comes to growing up milk powder for their precious little ones. The support and confidence in our products are what drive us to continue to provide good nutrition to help young Malaysian children grow and develop”.
“In addition to providing great products, we want to go one step further to show our gratitude to our loyal customers for their support with this exciting campaign. So, just take a peek inside your Dutch Lady Growing-Up Milk 1kg packs purchased mid-September onwards and you may stand a chance to win RM300 cash,” Wong said.

To capture the attention of consumers, the Dutch Lady Kalau Mak Menang campaign taps on the smart minds of young children to showcase their imagination of what to do with RM300 if their mummy wins the cash prize. Their brilliant ideas, usually expressed with much innocence and adorability, will be shared through television commercials and YouTube videos online to promote the campaign.
At the campaign launch, Dutch Lady Growing-Up Milk ambassador and local child-starlet Mia Sara, together with her group of friends packed milk packs containing the winning logos into boxes and got them ready to be distributed to stores nationwide. They also told the audience in a ‘live’ chit-chat what they would do if their mothers won RM300 each, which took the house down with cheers and laughter.
Emcee of Dutch Lady ‘Kalau Mak Menang’ campaign
 launch event

“Of course, I would buy toys; and not forgetting more milk!” said Mia. “As for the balance, I will give it to papa,” she added.
Like Mia, five-year-old Neeresh Nair also had one of his parents in mind. “If my mummy wins RM300, I will take RM250 to buy toys… and give her RM50 to buy her own things!” said Neeresh as he calculated the split.
Tammy Yong really wishes her mother wins. “I don’t want any dolls, which most people think I would like; I prefer to have a Lego set,” said the five-year-old. “There are five zeroes in 3.6 million, so I really hope mommy will win some of this prize money!” she exclaimed.
“I am very happy to see the children exercising their smart imagination, which is precisely what Dutch Lady Kalau Mak Menang campaign seeks to illustrate. This is worth the millions of ringgit that the campaign is giving away,” quipped Wong with a smile.
Wong also added that the company is committed to provide good nutrition to young Malaysian children through a better understanding of their actual nutritional needs. “In 2009, FrieslandCampina, parent company of Dutch Lady Malaysia initiated the South East Asian Nutrition Surveys or SEANUTS of children in four countries including Malaysia. With the survey results, Dutch Lady Malaysia is ever more committed to providing good nutrition to children,” she added.
Don’t miss the opportunity to win the cash prizes! Look out for the Dutch Lady truck delivering over 12,000 winning packs with more than RM3.6 million cash prizes to stores nationwide starting 12 September 2014. The cash prize redemption period ends on 31 December 2014. 

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