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Happy Malaysia Day to my Malaysian readers & friends! Today I wanna share some information about Diabetics and health which I’ve learnt from Glucerna® workshop last month. Thanks to The Butterfly Project for the invitation.
The workshop was held at Culinary 19, Damansara Heights. I like the venue because it's bright and spacious. Only thing is the car park is a bit troublesome. For those who reached early and parked inside, we had to wait for the late comers to drive away their cars before we could leave. :/

Malaysia is currently home to 2.6 million diabetics recently. And by 2020, this figure is expected to be 4.5 million! Such an alerting figures isn’t it?
We were welcome by the Emcee - Mr. Issac
I believe awareness and precautious are very important when it comes to our health. It is crucial for us to be aware that our daily diet has an important impact on Diabetes issues and how having healthy meal plans helps as part of the overall management plan.

The appropriate type of dietary supplement can also help both in terms of preventive measures and the effective management of diabetes.
Dr Shaalani Ramachandran shared with us the information on Diabetes 

I’ve seen my uncles and aunties suffered from complications of Diabetes over the years. Most of them had eye complications, and even lost their eyes due to diabetes. Not only that, some of them had their leg cut due to non-traumatic lowed limb amputations. It was sad to see them so suffer. In order to prevent/treat Diabetes, proper Nutrition is important. Eating right and exercising can have an impact on the health of people with diabetes.
Chef Suraiya from Culinary 19 showed us how to make Hokkaido cakes using Glucerna® 
Could you guess the activities for the day....? Scroll down to see the answer. ;)

Created by Abbott Nutrition , Glucerna® provides a unique system of ingredients to help patients manage their blood glucose levels, weight and cholesterol. It can help reduce weight when used as part of an overall diabetes management plan.
Abbott Nutrition Malaysia recently launched the “Glucerna® Challenge Me programme”, accessible via online portal and mobile application, that seeks to educate diabetics on the means to improve their quality of life by provision of useful nutrition and lifestyle pointers.
Vitals such as blood glucose and cholesterol levels can also be tracked, and all these features are optimized by the programme to create a customized lifestyle plans in the best interests of Malaysian diabetics.

This 12-week program features a robust set of online tools and resources to provide people with diabetes with easy healthy meal plans and recipes based on their respective caloric needs and personal preferences along with step-by-step instructional videos and exercise plans that can be executed on a daily basis.
People with diabetes are encouraged to go to to participate in the Glucerna® Challenge Me programme. A mobile app is also available for iPhone or Andriod smart phones for on-the-go access to the programme.

For more information on Glucerna® Challenge Me programme, please call Abbott Nutrition at 1800-88-6233 from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm.
Yeah, Arpita had done with her cupcake decorations!
So does Ruby, Caroline and Anna.
Look at our masterpiece, Creative isn't it?!

Lastly, I wish we all are a healthy and happy nation. Xoxo.

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