ChiChi & ChaCha, Asia's First Children Edutainment Series Arrives on Astro

Big Fish Media is proud to present the next wave of children's edutainment with "ChiChi & ChaCha', airing on Astro Ceria (Channel 611) & Astro Maya HD (Channel 135) on every Saturday, 11th of October, 2014 from 10.30 a.m. 
Come and explore a world of fun, games, adventure and learning with 'ChiChi & ChaCha'. The episodes will re-run 3 times a day, everyday from Monday to Friday (13 episodes x 30 mins). Targeted for children from kindergarten to early primary (ages 6-8), ChiChi & ChaCha is an energetic, fun-filled learning and entertainment programme that is attempting to revolutionise the edutainment market of Malaysia.
JR and I were happy to be invited to attend the launch event at Talent Lounge.
Emcee of the launch event

Hadzelynda Khairuddin, Assistant Vice President of Astro Ceria & Youth Segment is always on the lookout for the next big wave, in the genre of children's entertainment in Malaysia "Astro Ceria remains the No. 1 kids channel in Malaysia and we do this by supporting programmes of high quality and meaningful content for our viewers. 'ChiChi & ChaCha' is a never seen before format of production from Malaysia and it is a wonderful addition to our TV show line-up at Astro Ceria."
Featuring a dynamic group of high energy TV hosts, ChiChi & ChaCha utilises various mediums such as song, dance, music, as well as 3D animation to create a positive environment that teaches as well as entertains. This will be Malaysia's first programme that synergises a hybrid world of live action and 3D animation. The adorable characters of ChiChi & ChaCha will be the next-generation of edutainment characters that children all around Malaysia can learn and grow with. 
Jojo Struys

"ChiChi & ChaCha' is the intellectual Property of Big Fish Media, a joint venture between Educate to Learn (e2L) and Kyanite TV. Coming from one of the premier production houses in Malaysia, Kyanite TV has been involved with high end quality productions houses like Jejak Jepun Bersama Zizam (Astro), Chalk & Cheese (AFC), Letting Go with Jojo Struys (Mediacorp), Yuna Inspired (Astro) and many others. E2L is an advanced learning hub that focuses on the training and development of teaching children and is an expert in the field of quality development and early childhoon educatio. The partnership between Kyanite TV with e2L is the ideal venture-ship to create Malaysia's next edutainment movement. 
The 5 energetic teenage hosts
It is through the unrelenting passion of the Executive Producer of Big Fish Media, Farah Mahami binti Tan Sri Datuk Dr Mustapha Kamal that the concept of 'ChiChi & ChaCha' has come to live. "I grew up with and have such beautiful memories with 'Sesame Street' as a child, so I want the next generation to have those same lasting memories of ChiChi & ChaCha'.
"This is just the beginning for Big Fish Media; we're looking at completely unique and original content that will shape the next generation of edutainment for children. Pre-production for 'ChiChi & ChaCha' is already in the pipeline for Season 2, "We are in this for the long haul because education does not happen overnight. This is why we already working on different media platforms, from apps to activity books, to on-ground events where children are always growing and always learning, in a fun-filled environment" says Jojo Struys, Executive Producer of Big Fish Media.
Big Fish Media seeks to be the number one innovate leader in creating transmedia projects for the edutainment content sector of Malaysia, and eventually all over the world. The Company already has an extensive line-up of plans to develop 360 degrees of multi-platform content learning; with negotiations already underway for future mobile gaming and learning apps, licensing and merchandising, interactive toys and many others. The Company has already established a partnership with prominent Malaysia media house Karangkraf for a series of 'ChiChi & ChaCha' activity books and graphic novels.
All the kids including JR had fun to sing and dance with ChiChi & ChaCha at the launch.
Look at the cupcakes, so cute isnt it?
For more information about ChiChi & ChaCha, please go to;
Instagram - (@chichidanchacha)
Twitter - (@chichidanchacha)

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