Dr. Jart+ Bring Back Bounce & V7 Radiance Serum

If you have been following Korean skin care trend, Dr. Jart+ would be a familiar brand to you as it is one of the leader brand in BB industry.
Dr. Jart+ Kiosk at Sunway Pyramid
This year, Dr. Jart+ launched a new generation of BB – Dr. Jart+ Bring Back Bounce. Unlike any BB cream, Dr. Jart+ Bring Back Bounce has a unique bouncing-textured beauty balm formula. It looks thick but it is indeed light and adhesive to my skin for a whole day.
Dr. Jart+ Bring Back Bounce has this innovative formula with moisture and elasticity makes fatigued skin moisturizes, vibrant and bouncy immediately.
Spreadability without smudging.
Dr. Jart+ Bring Back Bounce is rich in moisturizing and brightening properties. It provides a very good yet natural coverage. My skin look firmer and flawless after applying it. 

Dr. Jart+ Bring Back Bounce has SPF 30 PA++ that gives us extra protection from the harmful sun. It does not contain Parabens, tardyes, mineral oil, talc, artificial fragrance, denatured alcohol, triethanolamine, sulfate-based surfactants, Propylene glycol, petrolatum that is harmful to the skin. In fact, it is made of natural ingredients such as Marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, pomegranate extract, grape seed oil, elderberry and Nordenau water.
Dr. Jart+ Bring Back Bounce Ingredients

Dr. Jart+ Bring Back Bounce is in a white sleek packaging. It comes with a cute finger puff which made the application really easy, as easy as ABC. 

Dr. Jart+ Bring Back Bounce is easy to carry and provides simple otuch-up anytime and anywhere
Dr. Jart+ Bring Back Bounce comes with a finger puff, which can be felt with fingertips.
I'm using Shade 02 - Light-medium

Dr. Jart+ Bring Back Bounce 12g is retail at RM 129.
Dr. Jart+ Bring Back Bounce gives me Elasticity UP! Adhesion UP!

Besides the Bring Back Bounce BB, Dr. Jart+ has also launched their V7 Radiance Serum which is target for bright and glossy skin. By absorbing 7 essential vitamin components into the skin, it rejuvenates damaged skin to make it healthy; takes care of skin tones and textures with more than a brightening effect. The 7 essential vitamin include Vitamin A, B3, B5, C, E, F and H.
Dr. Jart+ V7 Radiance Serum 50ml is retail at RM 159.

Dr. Jart+ is available at Sasa stores, as well as a newly opened kiosk at LG 1, Lot 1.65B Sunway Pyramid shopping center.
For more information about Dr. Jart+, please like their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/drjartmalaysia

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