Mao Yan Mei (MYM) Tea

One of my favorite beverage is Chinese Tea. I’ve been drinking Chinese tea since I was teenager, and recently I’ve tried a new tea - the Mao Yan Mei(MYM) tea.
Mao Yan Mei is one of the world’s rarest edible plants because it grows at 1,500 meters above the sea level around the precipitous cliffs and crags embraced by clouds and mist. As MYM has the highest concentrations of highly active flavonoids compounds among all wild plants and contains 17 amino acids including methionine, leucine and glutamic acid as well as 14 trace elements such as calcium, iron, zinc, selenium and others, it is commonly known as the “Godly Tea” or “folk magical tea” in China.
With the certification from Hunan Provincial Government (State Ministry of Health in China), MYM tea is proven that it has unique and multiple healing and medicinal efficacy and versatile usefulness. It does not bring any negative side effects and is suitable to be consumed by everyone from all ages.
MYM tea is able to prevent and cure illnesses such as the “Three Highs Disease” (meaning high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high blood sugar), cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, insomnia, asthma and liver disease.

MYM tea is able to strengthen body’s immune system, sharpen body’s self-recovery ability, promote a better digestion and toxic excretion and improve physical strength.

MYM tea can also cure patients with upper respiratory tract infection, acute and chronic pharyngitis, tracheitis and bronchitis, rhinitis, urethritis, urinary difficulty and psoriasis.

I’ve tried the tea bag and tea powder type of MYM tea.
Tea bag is convenient to prepare. It taste smooth & light.
Whereas tea powder is more thick and taste a bit bitter.

Unlike normal Chinese tea, MYM could be consuming before sleeping time to help enhance the sleep quality. It could also be consumed simultaneously with either a traditional Chinese medicine or Western Medicine because the tea facilitates and compliments the medication to ensure optimal treatment efficacy. Sounds amazing isn’t it? 

The leftover soaked tea could be recycled and reused internally as well as externally. For e.g., wrap a small amount of tea powder from soaked teabag into dumplings to enhance the fragrance, savour and nutrition, or collect 20 grams of soaked MYM tea and cook in boiling water for 3 minutes, then soak your feet in the water to help skin exfoliating, anti-feet dryness, relieving cracked-feet symptoms and general foot care.

Mao Yan Mei tea is not available at any retail shops in Malaysia as of now. However, customers could make their order by sending their order request or simply order it from the website: in which their representative will send the items to them later.

If you could not read Chinese, please visit for a quick understanding on the tea itself. 

Mao Yan Mei tea is sold at RM 150 for a box which is sufficient for a month usage. In a box, there are 75 tea sachets and another 10 bags of tea powder.

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