Sa Sa Proudly Present Collistar Essential White Skincare

Sa Sa is proud to present the first whitening skincare range of products specially made for Asian skin with Collistar. Collistar is the undisputed leader* in Italian Perfumeries for over 11 years and the standard bearer for Italian-produced cosmetics in more than 40 countries around the world, Collistar has devoted lengthy studies and extensive research to the needs of Asian skin types.
Sa Sa is proud to be the exclusive sole distributor representing Collistar in Malaysia for more than half a decade and will continue in its effort in making life beautiful.
Always at the forefront of research, Collistar’s latest creation is a Whitening line specially designed for Asian skin types but also perfect for all women who want a clear, radiant and smooth complexion without blemishes or imperfections.
Introducing Special Essential White® HP: an innovative range of high performance whitening and brightening treatments. An extraordinary fusion of technology and nature, this new range fully achieves its objectives, combining the highly technological Essential White Complex® with a blend of Italian plant extracts that enhance the whitening effect, leaving the skin more even and smooth.
COLLISTAR ESSENTIAL WHITE COMPLEX® uses 3 different active ingredients creating a genuine 'blackout' of the skin hyperpigmentation. The depigmentation effect is associated with an effective preventive action and an intense skin renewal, regeneration and repairing action providing a good whitening effect as well.

The active ingredients of the four Italian plants extract which, when combined, provide a complete whitening, brightening and anti-oxidant action. The extract includes:

* Orange, rich in vitamin C, for a whitening effect, and anti-free radicals
* Cucumber, contains salicylic acid and vitamin C, for exfoliating
* Olive leaf, rich in oleuropein, for whitening and anti-oxidant properties
* Black grape, rich in polyphenols, anti-free radicals and tartaric acid for whitening and even out the complexion.

Special Essential White® HP is a comprehensive line with specific formulas designed not only for the face but also for the body. The face product range includes seven products, ranging from cleansing products to masks, which meet the various different needs of the skin in a targeted manner.

1) Cleansing and Toning
  • Gentle Brightening Cleansing Foam 200ml (RSP: RM95.00)
  • Whitening Hydro-Lotion 200ml (RSP: RM95.00)
2) Face Treatments
  • Intensive All-Spots Eraser 30ml (RSP: RM135.00)
  • Whitening Hydro-Lifting Essence V Shape Effect 50ml (RSP: RM155.00)
  • Brightening Total Eye Treatment 15ml (RSP: RM135.00)
  • City UV Multi-Protection SPF30 30ml (RSP: RM155.00)
  • Ultra-Whitening and Brightening Mask – Face & Neck (RSP: RM155.00)

The Collistar Whitening Hydro-Lifting Essence V Shape Effect is the 1st product in Asia that is for both Whitening & Hydro-Lifting V Shape Effect. This invaluable serum is the ideal daily treatment to give the face a radiant and youthful appearance. The strength of this product is the innovative Ovaliss™, an active ingredient based on glaucine that tightens and firms the skin’s tissues while stimulating lipolysis, which helps reduce the appearance of double chins and refines and remodels the face.

The serum’s effectiveness is ensured by the Essential White Complex® and extracts of orange, cucumber, olive leaf and black grape which - with their high whitening and anti-oxidant properties - brighten the complexion, minimizing blemishes and uneven skin tone.

So what are the results? - A complexion that is immediately more radiant, smoother and a lifted face. Over time, a gradual, long-lasting whitening action and a more compact remodelled face.


Collistar has especially designed two innovative formulations for Special Essential White® HP which, for the first time, combine firming and slimming properties with a specific brightening, whitening and anti-blemish action. Two products that take the pioneer approach to body care, a first for the Asian market.
  • Brightening Body Reshaping Treatment 400ml (RSP: RM195.00)
  • Brightening Bust and Decollete Firming Gel 150ml (RSP: RM185.00)
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